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How to train a German Shepherd Puppy

puppy on leash

Introduction The German Shepherd is the most popular dog in the world and has become famous for its courage, intelligence and ability to learn. Never the less a german shepherd puppy needs to be properly trained and socialised just like any other dog. My aim with this post is to show you how to set …

Stop dog from jumping on people!

Jumping is a way of asserting dominance

A dog jumping on people might not always seem like a problem, at least not  as long as it is a small and cute puppy. A little puppy jumping up to greet you and your guests is adorable, isn’t it? Well it might be as long as it remains small but  when a German Shepherd …

How to stop my dog from eating poop!


Eating poop is the worst of all the repulsive habits our dogs might have – rolling in swamp muck, licking their butts-. The reason why they do it is of course not to gross us humans out, but it most certainly does.This is such a big problem for many dog owners that eating poop is …