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Labrador Puppy Training

Labrador Puppy Training

Introduction The Labrador or Labrador Retriever (if you are picky) is one of the most popular dogs in the world and it is not without reason. The Labrador is such a kind, good-natured and playful companion and it will without doubt be an excellent family dog. However, if things are to turn out well for …

Why dogs chase their tails


A dog spinning around and around trying to catch his on tails is often a funny sight. Dogs are playful and tail chasing is not necessarily a problem but in some cases it can turn troublesome, it all depends on the reason why dogs chase their tails. In this post I will give you some …

Brain Training For Dogs – A Full Review


Introduction Brain training for dogs is a program which intends to improve your dog’s mental capacities, in other words, make your dog smarter. According to the author there are a few different reasons why this is important for a dog. One thing is that dogs today are often mentally understimulated and this makes them bored …