Comparison : Online Dog Trainer and Dog Trainer in person


Many people are wondering whether they should sign up to an online dog training site or if they should rather spend their money on a professional dog trainer in person.





This is a good question and these are a few things to consider:

1. Cost
2. Effectiveness of the solution
3. Ease of use and availability
4. After sales support

You might be surprised about the answers but then again nothing is cut in stone here.

1. Cost

A more expensive solution is not always better.
There might be many of you reading this who would gladly spend whatever it takes when it comes to finding a solution to training your dog. This is great, but then again many of you might not have unlimited funds and therefore a more affordable but still good solution would be what you need.

You want to  raise your puppy correctly or save your lovely dog from hurting themselves or bring back peace and quiet to your home but you do not have hundreds and hundreds (or in some cases thousands) of spare dollars to spend  at different dog trainers until you find the solution you need for your dog.
The bottom line here is that paying a lot of money does not necessaily get you the good dog trainer who can help you with your problem.

Dog trainer in person

dog paying attentionA dog trainer who comes to your home usually cost from 50$ for the first hour (if they cost less you have to ask yourself the question why they are soo cheap)  and it can go up to as much as $500 for a few hours of work.
Before taking on a dog trainer you should always check how many sessions the trainer considers to be necessary. This is because the total cost can sometimes be much higher than you initially thought.

Many trainers try to get a foot in the door, then they make an assessment of what you need and start a relationship with you before they explain that you have a serious problem with your dog and you are going to need many more training sessions in order to solve it. A little while later you have already spent over 600 dollars and there is not much improvement of your dog’s issue.

Online Dog Trainer

The cost of an online video website is usually around  $40 for one month. On certain sites you pay a one time fee of around 50$ but these sites usually don’t offer support or a forum where you can get help if needed.

Membership of an online dog training website will give you access to a lot of information consisting of videos, audios and also support in form of a forum where you can ask questions which are answered by the dog trainer who runs the site. Doggy Dan’s: Online Dog Trainer is such a site. Here is my review of the online dog trainer.
So to the question of cost, a membership of a dog training site will be far cheaper than a dog trainer in person.

2. Results of the solution – Do your research

Dog trainer in person

Thousands of dog lovers have recently turned in to dog trainers almost overnight. This is propably due to popular tv programs like the Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan. Though it is of course very good that soo many people would like to help you with your dog, being a dog lover and a dog trainer is not the same thing. Loving the dogs is great but you also need to know how to train them. You need to know how the dogs think and how to make them understand what you want.

Many dog trainers lack qualifications and some lack experience. There certainly are many good dog trainers out there but it is not always easy to find them. If you do decide to take on a dog trainer then make sure to get some recommendations from people you trust.

One advantage of having a dog trainer coming to visit you in person is that they are able to see your dog and observe it and thus come up with plan which is personalized for you and your dog. A very experienced dog trainer can also adapt your dog’s train to suit your own lifestyle and your personality.

Online Dog Trainer
With on online dog training site you will often find that the experience offered there is bigger then most local dog trainers.  They have often worked with great number of dogs and they know many different tricks and methods which you can easily learn and use when training your dog.

To summarize: whatever option you like to use, do some research first. Get
recommendations, talk to people and ask what they think about a certain dog trainer or a dog training website. Read testimonials. Check if they are recent and if they look genuine. Here is an example of testimonials of Doggy Dan.

3. Ease of use and availability – Personality or Technology

Personal Dog Trainer

If there is an  enthusiastic and fun dog trainer who is well known and recommended near your home this could be a very good option. However it is not always easy to find one and if you are reading this post then I guess you are looking for another option.

Online Dog Trainer

The forum of the online dog trainer
The forum of the online dog trainer

A big advantage with an online dog trainer is the ease of use and the availability. You can view it anytime, anywhere and from wherever you are. You can for example watch it from your smartphone in the park or bring a laptop or Ipad. The only thing you need is an internet connection. If you are out somewhere with your dog and you need a reminder of something in course you can simply take a quick look and apply the methods, wherever you are.


Dove Crosswells Dog Training online
Dove Crosswells Dog Training online

An online dog training solution  means you can do your dog training whenever it suits you and therefore it will be much easier to fit it in with the rest of your life like work, your kids and social life. This means that everyone in the family can participate when they are available and your training does not have to steal time from your valuable weekends. You will also be able to break down the training to shorter sessions. This is more effective as a dog will not be able to concentrate for several hours at a time.
The only knowledge you need to know is how to use the internet but that has become very easy and there are many options available.

To Summarize, unless you have a great dog trainer living next door, an online dog training service offers better ease of use and availability.

4. After Sales Support

Dog trainer in person

Dan-Moses-3With a dog trainer in person you need to carefully check what is included in the price. If several sessions are needed, then how much will it cost? If you pay for session after session you would of course want a proper solution to your problem. You might end up realizing that no matter how many sessions you pay for, the problem will not be solved the way you hoped for. This is one reason why it is soo important to do research about your dog trainer before employing him/her so you know that he/she knows what he/she is doing.
If your dog trainer offer telephone or email support, and  it is included in the price it is well worth it.

If there is a forum on the online dog training website then you are able to ask questions and receive answers by the dog trainer who is running the site. So you could for example film your dog, put the clip on youtube and then provide a link to your video in the forum. This way the dog trainer can take a look at your dog and gain an understanding of what is going on. Then he/she can provide you with feedback and instructions on how you can tackle the problem.

In summary the quality of the support you get depends on the dog trainer or the dog training service that you choose. So do your research here and choose carefully.


Whether you should choose an online dog training service or a dog trainer in person depends  on your situation. If you have a very good dog trainer in your area, you have the time to organize the training and the funds to pay for it then by all means go for it. It is great to have the support of real person showing you how to train your dog and to give you direct feedback on what you do.

However, if you do not have a good dog trainer living near by or if time or money is a problem for you then an online dog trainer is an excellent solution. This will give you the tools to do your work yourself whenever you have the time and whereever you go. The videos and training are always available anywhere, anytime and you can get help when you need it. Furthermore it is a very affordable solution compared to a dog trainer in person.

I hope this comparison has been helpful. If you have any questions please leave a comment below.

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  • Training online is a good option if you need some advice on how to follow the dog in any situation.
    In addition, you’ll save money.
    I agree with Dennis that the dogs Adopt grateful that someone cares about them and loves them.

    I have a dog that came into our yard, and stayed. Six months is not allowed to be touched, perhaps because of bad experiences with people. The most important thing is that the dog gains confidence in you and it takes a lot of patience.

    • I once did some voluntary work at a rescue shelter for abandoned dogs. The people working there told me the same thing. A dog who has been abandoned and/mistreated is going to be soo affective and loving once someone takes care of them but in some cases it takes a lot of time and patience because of the past bad experiences of the dog. You did great taking care of the poor dog coming to your yard. Well done.

      Doggy Dan’s Online Dog Trainer is being actively promoted by the SPCA ( Society for Protection from Animal Cruelty) of New Zealand. This because his methods are gentle and also because they know that a dog who has been trained using Doggy Dan’s methods is not likely to come to the shelter again but will instead stay with its new owner.

  • Great information, you have given me food for thought. I have one dog that needs training and I just always assumed that in person training was always better than online. My only problem with doing this online is the time involved. I know if I have someone come to my home, that time is dedicated to getting my dog trained. But you have given a great alternative.

    • Thank you. If you have a good dog trainer living near by and you have the funds to pay for it, then by all means go for it. Like you say the Online Dog Trainer is an alternative though and is easier to fit in with the rest of your daily schedule as you can train your dog when it suits you. You can perhaps set time a few times week which you dedicate to your dog, just as you would if you had a dog trainer coming to your home.

  • I have a friend who is a big fan of her two dogs. She has had them for about a year and she spends a lot of time with them. She even goes as far as buying organic steak for her dogs while she eats porridge herself. She has been asking me a lot of about where to find good dog training materials. Obviously I am not an expert in this area. I should let her read this and help her find the right path to training her love ones. You are right. Just because you love your dogs doesn’t mean you know how to train them. Training dogs requires methods, and methods comes from experience.

    • A lot of people are really fanatic about their dogs and they even treat them better than they treat themselves. It is not needed though, dogs are adaptable and as long as they get healthy food, exercise and affection they will be happy.

      As for dog training, the best methods are really simple and not difficult to learn, however just as with everything else, you need to learn how to do it. You also need to learn how dogs think and why. Dogs are dogs and people are people and what means one thing to a human might mean something completely different to a dog. I think Doggy Dans Online Dog Trainer site is an excellent place to learn all this.

      Thank you for your input


  • I never knew there are dog training membership sites. I think this is a great idea for new dog owners.

    I personally never paid for training or coaching and just did my own research. I was quite successful with my first puppy but had I paid for some training I probably would have stuck with the training a little longer.

    You bring up some valid points to consider when deciding on using a real person or a online dog training website. For the website is it month to month? Or do they have a minimum you have to sign up for?

    • The online dog trainer is a membership site where you pay month to month. You can cancel any time you want. There is a 3 day trial for one dollar, so you can try it out and if you don’t want to continue you simply cancel and you will not pay anything more.

      Many people have various problems with their dogs, causing both frustration and expenses. The aim of my website is to help solving these problems and if they need further assistance then I would recommend the online dog trainer.

  • I think that if you have a relatively good knowledge of dogs and their behavior, but you feel you need help, an online dog trainer would suit the purpose.
    However, if you are an first time owner, and you are having difficulties, going to a dog trainer might be more wise.
    I do agree though that your dog has to listen to YOU. Dog trainers are professionals and they know their work. Your dog may be perfect with the trainer but not respond to your commands, you need them to respond to you.
    I say, evaluate your situation, look into costs, look into methods and do research for the trainer, either online or in person, that suits your particular needs.
    Thank you for your article as it shows the pros and cons of both methods, something that all dog owners need to know in order to have a happy, obedient dog.

    • Thank you for your input. You do have a good point here. If you do have a great dog trainer living your area and you have the funds to pay for it then that is a good choice especially if you are a first time dog owner. After all Doggy Dan himself works as a personal dog trainer apart from his work with the Online Dog Trainer. For those however who do not have dog trainer livining near by or the funds to pay for a personal dog trainer I think the Online Dog Trainer is a really good alternative.

      Which ever training method you choose, you need to be very active in the training. Just like you say, the dog needs to responds to the owners command not just the dog trainer.

  • Heck, dog training can be expensive – As much as $500 for a few hours work. Wow!
    I like the idea of an online dog training course as you are the person teaching your dog rather than someone else with you helping you train. I think the command of respect will come across stronger if training is done by the family.
    Always a good idea to start the training in the early years as a pup will soon understand commands as opposed to a fully grown dog that will take more time.
    Personally I’d opt for the online training as I think success will come sooner.
    Informative post,

    • Yes, I would opt for online dog training as well. Apart from the cost of a personal dog trainer it is also the fact that you have to make everything fit in with the rest of your life. Work, family and other engagements you might have. With an online dog trainer, you can train your dog whenever it suits you and it is so easy to get the rest of the family to participate.

      Thank you for your comments,


  • I’ve always been into dog training from when my Uncle gave me a clicker training set for Christmas after my mum got a dog. I’ve never owned my own dog before, but I’ve read hundreds of books of dog training and autobiographies about canine behavior. A friend of mine has gotten a puppy and she has been having so much trouble with separation anxiety. I look after him from time to time and I never have this problem because I know how to handle it.
    Would you have any tips for her? The vet says he is not allowed treats because of his weight.

    • I have written an article about separation anxiety. You can find it here:

      I hope these tips will help you. I have also found some dog treats with very little calories. Here is the link to the website:

      You say that you know how to handle your friends puppy’s separation anxiety. What do you do different from your friend? Maybe you should get together and see if you can help her, you seem to have a lot of knowledge about dogs.

      If I can be of any help, please feel free to contact me and I will do whatever I can.

      Good Luck


      • From the very first day that I looked after him, (before treats were banned) I’d give him a treat to distract him while I was leaving their house. Often I’d spend some time playing with him in his playpen so that he’d associate the pen as a good thing 🙂 Lots of praise for being quiet!
        I’ve tried to help her by telling her what I do, but he is getting worse and she can’t leave the room without him crying and scratching the door. I’m definitely no expert haha! I’ve never had my own dog. I just think it’s all about the timing of praise and treats!
        My mum can’t seem to get the knack of it either! I’ll praise her dog for being quiet and then she’ll undo everything I’ve done by petting him when he barks!

        • You certainly seem to have gotten the point on what to do. If you praise a dog when it is showing good behavior and ignore it when it doesn’t then the dog will learn that good behavior will pay off. Maybe you can help your mother by SHOWING her what to do rather than just telling her how you do things.
          People often (yes I am the same) get stuck in their old habits and tend to do things automatically so they do something wrong they keep repeating the same error. Maybe you can try to train your dog together with your mother.

          You are certainly on the right track, just try to show your mother soo she sees how you do it and the effects it will have on her dog.

          All the best and good luck!


      • Thanks for the links! I’ll have a look 🙂

  • This is a very informative article on dog training, I had no idea that there were online dog trainers as well. I had no idea that it was so expensive to have a dog trainer come to your home. Both the online dog trainer and dog trainer in person seems to provide a legitimate way to train a dog. However, I think I would probably choose the online dog trainer if I had to make a choice. Because it’s cheaper and it will teach me the correct way to train a dog.

    • Yes, both a personal or an online dog trainer would work, but for many people restrictions with time and money and the trouble of finding a good personal dog trainer makes them choose the online dog trainer instead. It really is a good alternative.

  • First time I’ve heard of dog trainers online! At first I was very sceptical but it does seem that you’ve done the research well and the benefits to online dog training sounds good and logical. I know of a particularly feisty dog, maybe I should try going online to get some information on why she sometimes barks for no reason and stuff like that.
    Thanks for the informative and eye-opening article!

    • I understand why you are sceptical, so was I when I first heard of it. How could a dog trainer on the internet help me with my dog? But this is the way it goes: You are training your dog! If a dog is ever going to listen to you, you need to train it yourself and establish yourself as the packleader. The dog trainer whether he is there or not, can only show you how to do it. He can not train your dog for you. Some people think that they can give their dog away to someone and then when they get it back it will be trained and is automatically going to listen to them, but this is not the case. The dog trainer shows you how to do it, he or she gives you some input, advice or answers your questions and you go on with the training. The dog trainer could do this in person or he or she could help you out via the internet. Both works.

  • Hi Jojo, I love dogs too but cats are my big passion! You gave a very detailed and informative comparison between the two for the reader to digest. Just a couple of little things: maybe another image in the middle section where there was quite a bit of just text. Also, sorry this is the teacher in me.. maybe a better heading.. Comparison “online” dog trainer versus “in person” dog trainer. As I said that’s just me. The main thing is you definitely had a good argument for the online dog trainer. Well done.

  • I found your website very informative. A little bit to wordy for my taste. When I am Browsing websites , I like them to visually appealing as well as informative. I think if you add more visual aspects to your site in addition to the fabulous information you are conveying it might attract more people.

  • Dog trainers online. Who woulda thunk it? It does sound like a good option. Are there any stats as to how long people have to train to get results. I know it is variable depending on dog and human both. Just wondering. I have a great dog that I trained myself. I got her from an animal rescue and was blessed she was easy to train. I think that the dogs from rescue shelters sometimes are the best because they are so grateful to be loved. Good thoughts you had there in the post.

    • Thank you,

      On average people who subscribe to the online dogtrainer stay members for 3 months. It depends on how much you want to teach your dog. If you just want to solve a specific problem, teach your dog the basics or if you want to get into more advanced training.


  • We’ve just acquired 2 little puppies, 8 weeks old, yorkshire terrier x bichon frise. These little cuties are a bundle of trouble and I can see we’ve got our work cut out.
    I’m hoping we won’t have to resort to a dog trainer because there are not many around this area of Wales, UK.
    I will definitely have to rely on an online trainer if I need any help. I say ‘I’ because hubby says he’s leaving all the training to me!
    Thanks for a very informative review with the pros and cons of different trainers, online or otherwise. As for Doggy Dan, I’ve heard of this online trainer and watched a couple of his tips, he does seem to know what he’s talking about and I may look further into his online training. Ches

    • Yes, Doggy Dan certainly knows what he is talking about and he offers a 1$ three day trail so you can try it out and see if you like it. If you don’t then you just cancel and you will not be charged anything more. If you want further info about Doggy Dan and the Online Dog Trainer check out my review:…. Also feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

      I wish you the very best of luck.

      Kindest regards,


  • My in laws have two dogs and recently had someone come to their house to train them. After a while though they went back to their old ways of jumping about when anyone comes to visit.

    I guess with the Internet it maybe better to keep in contact with the dog trainer, as everyone is on the Internet these days. I didn’t realise though that there was even such a thing though as dog training online.

    Looking at the four key points of cost, results, ease of the service and support are all things to consider.

    • Yes, if you really know a very good dog trainer nearby and you have means to pay for it then that is fine. Otherwise a dog trainer online is very economical and easy to use. In either case the dog trainer can show you how to do but you need to train your dog yourself. Your dog needs to listen to YOUR command and not only the command of the dog trainer

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