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Positive Dog Training

The Dog Training Mastery Multimedia Package is another dog training product from Kingdom of Pets. It is composed of several of the Kingdom of Pets dog training and care products. It includes e-books, audio books and video tutorials. It covers the subjects of house training, obedience training and how to care for your dog’s health.

Here is the three major components of the Dog Training Mastery Multimedia Package:

  • The Secrets to Dog Training: which covers dog training problems, health and choosing a puppy.
  • The Ultimate House Training Guide eBook, on how to have your dog/puppy housetrained
  • The Ultimate Guide to Dog Health eBook which is about caring for your dog’s health.

On top of this there are eight online videos dealing with anything from aggression around the food bowl to barking issues. With the videos there are also several other e-books.

Let’s take a look at the three different components.

STDT-book-cover1. Secrets to Dog Training – Stop your Dog’s Behavior Problems!

The Secrets to Dog Training e-book is a “dog owners guide” which roughly covers just about everything you have to know when owning a dog. It is written by a professional dog trainer and is based on “real life experiences” of the dog trainer/writer. Below you will find a brief review of Secrets to Dog Training. For more details, check out my full review of Secrets to Dog Training.
What’s Covered?

The book covers the various issues of dog ownership. It starts out with how to choose a puppy and the best places to get one from. Then it briefly covers different breeds and how to prepare your home for your new puppy. Then there is the basic dog training and housetraining. It covers a number of common behavorial problems such as dominance aggression, separation anxiety and soo on. It then moves on to more advanced dog training such as teaching your dog some tricks, dogs health and finally dog whispering, a training method which is quite common among dog trainers and which has especially become famous thanks to the “dog whisperer” Cesar Millan.

This book is complete and a good choice for anyone who is getting a dog. You can also buy the book Secrets to dog training separately without buying the rest of the media package. You will find a complete review of the Secrets to Dog Training HERE


ultimate house training guide2. The Ultimate House Training Guide

What Is It?

This is a manual to a common but of course very important part of training a dog. Having your dog housetrained. It is often quite frustrating and challenging (many dog owners will tell you this)

There are plenty of theoris on this subject, you can find them everywhere.  If you look around a little, you will find conflicting arguments just about everywhere and a lot of: “This is the only way to housetrain your dog” and several other variations of this theme..

So what makes this book special?

This is a book created in an easy going manner, almost like talking to a knowledgable canine behovarist with the advantage being that with the book you can go back and review the “conversation” any time you like. The Ultimate House Training Guide is written by dog trainer Martin Oliver and covers just about everything you need to know on the subject of housetraining your dog.

It is simply a friendly informative book which is frankly based on common sense.

What’s Actually Included?

After  a short section of what it is needed to succeed (basically, patience, persistance, consistance and common sense) it goes straight into the details of housetraining. There are two sections, one for puppies and one for older dogs. In both of these sections there are three different methods described, referred to as paper-training, crate-training and the direct method.

In the next chapter it goes into health problems. There are for example a section on congenital problems (these are problems your dog was born with) and then a section on disease related problems developed later in life, and finally a section on other house training related problems , for example inappropriate outdoor elimination, and lawn-burn from urination.

At the end of the book you will find Ten Top Tips for easy and hassle free house training. This is basically a summary of the most helpful and practical tips of the Ultimate house training guide.

It is rather detailed but not too confusing, it is fairly easy to follow.

House Training a dog does require some thought and patience but this guide is a good tool to use. It is easy to understand, logical and has several how to illustrations.


Ultimate guide to dog health3. The Ultimate Guide to Dog Health

This one is about how to recognise various health problems of your dog and how to know whether you will have to seek medical advice from a veterinarian or if your dog’s problem is something you can deal wtih yourself. Knowing the basics of Canine health can be both practical and also save you money. There are times when consulting a vet is simply not necessary and knowing what to do in this case will save you both the hassle, money and will give you the satisfaction of being able to help and comfort your dog yourself.

This guide is fairly complete and covers all the common health problems that dogs suffers from. The focus of the book is being prepared and taking preventative action to avoid problems in the first place. It teaches you how to diagnose problems yourself by using step by step flow charts. The charts will help you to determine whether your dog’s problem needs the attention of a vet and also how urgenttly the vet should be consulted.

The Ultimate Guide to Dog Health is sort of a “simplified veterinarians book” That is a dog’s health and medical guide written by dog care specialists and veternarians but presented in a simple way that common people can understand, without all the jargon of a veterinary textbook.


The best part of the Ultmate Guide To Dog Health

It is both interesting and practical to learn about dog’s anatomy and various health and medical problems but the best part of this book is really the flow charts which help you determine whether or not it is necessary to contact a veternarian. Of course you should not rely to 100 percent on these. If you still have doubts then it is better to contact a veterinarian. Better safe than sorry.

With the flowcharts, you start from the specific symptom your dog is showing and then you simply follow “the branches”. Depending on the symptoms, the chart will tell you the recommended treatment for each on as well as advising whether you should consult a veterinarian and if soo, how urgently. Simple and effective.
More stuff included in The Dog Training Mastery Multimedia Package.

These books are also included in the Multimedia Package

  • Top 20 Consultations
  • Tips on How to Security Train your Dog
  • The Quick Guide to Dog Aggression
  • Dog Grooming Made Easy
  • 101 Ways to Spoil your Dog for Under 10 $
  • Meals for your Dog: 175 Gourmet Recipes
  • The Ultimate Guide to Dog First Aid
  • The Secrets to Dog Training audio book
  • The In-field Training Videos
  • The Premium Online Videos


Secrets To Dog Training

The price of The Dog Training Mastery Multimedia Package is $99.95. For this you get the three complete and detailed manuals on dog training, how to , prevent and handle behavioral problems, house training, health care, and a lot general knowledge, tips and advice.

You can get The Dog Training Mastery Multimedia Package Here.

All in all, you get a lot for your money. This is of course one of the advantages when buying e-books instead of conventional paperbacks. You get more information for less money as there is no shipping and handling. When it comes to information you really do get everything you need in this package. There is one more thing that is very valuable with this product and that is the forum. Kingdom of Pets have a forum where you can ask questions about your dog’s health or training. Questions are answered by a real dog trainer (or by other members of the forum) and this is very helpful. Should you have any questions or problems you can get help.  I have checked the forum and it is really active and questions are answered quickly. Very valuable.

So, I can really recommend the Kingdom of Pets Multimedia Package. It contains all information and support that you need in order to train and care for your dog. You might not need all of the bonus material coming with this package but it does not hurt to have them either. If you feel that you simply need a good dog training/dog owners guide then you can simply get the book: Secrets to Dog Training. It retails for $39.95. You can find a full review of Secrets to Dog Training Here.

Click Here for the Kingdom of Pets Dog Training Mastery Multimedia Package.


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  • I am new to dog owning and have recently gotten my first puppy. He is a rescue from the pound, and while I do enjoy having a dog around. He is a freaking terror!
    The Dog Training Mastery Multimedia Package might just save me! I had no idea of what actually came with having a dog around, especially a puppy. He gets into everything and eats everything, and I mean everything!
    I am going to grab this package before I go nuts!
    Thanks for the recommendation!

    • You are welcome. You’ll see that once you know how it is not going to be to difficult to train your puppy, you just need to be persistent and have patience. The Dog Training Multimedia Package will certainly help you. You will find everything you need in there and if there is anything I can do to help please feel free to contact me and I will do whatever I can.

      I wish you the best of luck.


  • I actually loved your website. It was interesting, informative and concise in giving useful information. As a dog lover myself I found it a site i would return to for information in the future. The links placed throughout were very useful also.

    I really didn’t see anything I would change.

  • I do believe that I probably need this dog training product. I have a rescue dog named Teddy. I have had him a few years now. He is sweet, lovable, and smart. He does learn things very quickly. Other than going potty inside the house. I can take him outside, watch him go, only to find that within 5 minutes he has went again in the house. I really just don’t know how to break him. Any thoughts?

    • Well you need to be really insistent and consistent. Get him on the spot when he has done in the house, firmly say No and bring him outside. If he does the right thing outside, reward him with a little treat and praise.

      I wish you good luck and feel free to contact me, should you need any help. In the Dog Training Mastery Product you will also get access to their forum where you can get help at any time. Another idea is to sign up to Doggy Dan’s Online Dog Trainer. His program can most certainly help you and there is also a free one dollar trial.

      I wish you the best of luck


  • I definitely need this! I am not very good at training at all. I have a rescue dog, Teddy, that I have had for a couple years now. He is sweet and smart. He learns things very quickly. Unfortunately that does not go for potty training inside the house. I really don’t know what to do to stop him from going in the house. I can put him outside, watch him go, bring him in…get distracted…only to see that he has gone again in the house. Any thoughts?

    • I think you really could profit from some professional help. You will certainly need a little time and patience to deal with this but I am most certain that the Online Dog Trainer could help you. Take advantage of their forum and Doggy Dan will answer you personally. I think this would be the best and quickest way to deal with this problem. Here is a link to the Online Dog Trainer

  • Understanding a dogs behaviour and actions is something responsible dog owner should definitely read up on before getting a dog.

    having a puppy can be just as demanding as a new born baby and knowing how to train them and having an idea regarding health problems is a must.

    The e-books cover everything a new dog owner needs to know!

    • Yes, in some cases a puppy can be even more demanding than a baby (human babies don’t do much as new born) so being prepared is a must. Understanding your dogs behavior is necessary in order to take the correct actions and to train your dog properly. If you don’t understand WHY a dog does something, then it will be difficult to correct the unwanted behavior.

      I think the Dog Training Multimeda Package really gives you all information you need when getting a dog.

  • Greetings Jojo,

    One of my housemates and I have casually talked about the idea of getting a dog. There was always a dog in my life during childhood; although I so miss not having one around, that was over 20 years ago, so there really is a lot to consider.

    The Dog Training Multimedia Package really seems to cover all bases. My focus was on house-training and who would walk and feed the dog, but I totally overlooked the behavioral and health aspects. I especially like the forum that Kingdom of Pets offers; knowing that help would just be a click away would be comforting.

    Thank you for sharing this information.


    • Hi Veronica,

      The forum of the dog training mulitimedia package (same if you decide to get the Secrets to Dog Training really is good. It is an active forum where questions are answered quickly and this kind of support is important when you don’t have personal access to a dog trainer. If you do not need all material included in this package you could purchase only the Secrets to Dog Training. It includes apart from the book Secrets to Dog Training, six additional books among them one about house training. It also includes access to the above mentioned forum.

      Finally you might want to take a look at the Online Dog Trainer (the link goes to my review). It is also a great way of learning how to train your dog and how to solve various dog related issues. The online dog trainer consists of a number of videos where you can watch professional dog trainer Doggy Dan work with various dogs. It is an easy way to learn as you can see exactly how to use the methods provided. There is also a forum where questions are answered by Doggy Dan himself. The online dog trainer is a subscription site where you pay a monthly fee for as long as you remain a member.

      Good luck


  • I loved your article on the Dog Training Multimedia Package! I am wanting to get a German Shepherd, and this might be just the thing I’ll need. I like the fact that you include all aspects of the animal, such as health, training, house training, and grooming. It’s nice to see that all of these aspects come with easy to follow guides! Thanks for all of the interesting information:)

  • Wow, I am really glad I found your article, this is just what I need. We recently adopted an older dog and she is having some issues getting used to us, as well as some other issues. I am certainly no dog training expert, but with resources like yours, hopefully this will be an easier task. She has not been house trained as she was mostly kept outside, and has never really had a good home. Do you have any tips for house training an older dog? We are trying to get her accustomed to our house, and have been taking her for lots of walks to do her business. Also she is dealing with anxiety.

    Thanks for the article, I will check back soon.

  • Good afternoon. I just viewed your page. While I found your reviews to be very thorough, it was quite a bit of information. It was broken up well, and you give a fair review, however I was a little confused about the product, or products, I had to reread it. From a consumer point of view the price seemed a little high for information that I could find for free online, maybe I missed something, would it be possible to discuss what distinguishes this multimedia package from other free internet information.

    • You are right when you say that a lot of information could be found for free. However having everything put together like this in one place, well organised and well explained will save you a lot of time and effort.

  • Love your niche on simple and easy dogtraining. You have covered a lot of interesting topics which are generally found when developing the training of your new dog or puppy. And you have done a lot of research also by trial and error with your early experiences. As you say a great deal of understanding the canines is the study and application of psychology. very helpful site for anyone wanting ,`mans best friend`.

    • Thank you. Yes a big part of dog training is actually to understand how they think. If you do not know this then it will be very difficult to make them understand what you want them to do.

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