Dogs and Puppies Problem Behaviors

bad-dog-1549051Owning a dog can be a greatly rewarding experience. A dog is great company and the relationship with your dog can be deeply satisfying and happy. A dog can also be a good playing companion for your kids. Furthermore a dog can contribute to the safety of your home and family as many dogs  has a natural instinct to guard and protect. So it is no wonder dogs are considered “Mans Best Friend”

However, what if things does turn out the way they are suppose to? Many people have problems with their dogs. So if you have problem with a dog who is ; chewing, biting, pulling the leash, jumping on people, not coming when called, barking excessivly or have any other issue that is making life with your dog difficult, then remember that you are not alone. A lot of people are struggling to find solutions to their dog or puppy problems.

But…..There is almost always a solution, however hopeless your situation may seem, there is a solution to train your dog and to get rid of whatever issue you might have with your dog or puppy. Even if you think you might have tried everything or if your dog is old and you have had this issue with her for a long time. There is a solution to every problem. With the right method and a little patience you can deal with the problem.

Below you will find how to solve a number of different problems issues you might have with your dog. More will be added with time and also feel free to write to me if there is something you would like me to add to this page  or if you have any questions. I will also show you where you can find a solution to your dog’s problem if you do not find it on this page.

Finally, there is one last be very thing I would like to point out. All the techniques shown here are simple and straightforward and should not be to difficult to understand or apply. However to make them work you need to establish yourself as the Packleader.

Your dog needs to see you as its leader in order to follow and obey you. If your dog sees you as the leader of the pack then it will automatically follow you. To dogs this is a natural instinct so when the dog sees you as the leader it will Choose to obey and changes to its behavior will happen very quickly.

So to Summarize: First establish yourself as your dogs leader and then use simple methods like the ones shown here to train your dog. Do this and whatever issue you might have with your dog or puppy will soon be solved.

To learn how to establish yourself as the packleader I strongly suggest that you visit The Online Dog Trainer and sign up for a free video course on how to train your dog.

Good Luck!

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  • Hello there:)
    I love your site 🙂 I have a chocolate Labrador my self and is a very good boy just the only problem i have, I can’t make him like the other male dogs. We have a big problem with This:) We hate the other boys:)) and we like to fight.What can I do?
    Thanks for your nice article and I will ask something. To train your dog is different to dog,…id important what breed is he?
    See you soon.

    • Dog training does not differ that much between different breeds. The main difference is that some dogs are much more dominant than others and you have to be firm and consistent when training them. This is especially true with bigger, stronger dogs. Among bigger dogs, Labradors and Golden Retrievers are often recommended to first time dog owners. These dogs are good natured and eager to please and thus generally easy to train even for a person who does not have strong personality.

      When it comes to aggression towards other dogs, I suggest you take a look my post on how to stop dog aggression towards other dogs. It features a video by Doggy Dan where he shows how you can easily make an aggressive dog calm and friendly towards other dogs.

      Here is the link to the post: Agressive Dog Behavior Towards Other Dogs-How to stop it!

      I wish you good luck and if I can be of any help just write to me.



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