Dove Cresswell Dog Training Online – A full review

Online-Dog-TrainingImportant Note, it has come to my knowledge that Dove Cresswell’s dog training program is no longer available.


Introduction: Who is Dove Cresswell?

Dove Cresswell is a famous professional dog trainer who has trained dogs since many years. She has worked with dogs and many other animals in various film and tv productions. Recently she has also started an online dog training site where you can learn how to train your dog by watching various videos.  This makes it similar to the online dogtrainer by Doggy Dan. Let’s take a closer look at Dove Cresswells Dog Training Online to see if this might be something for you.

What you get and how it is organised.

Dove Cresswells dog training program consists of more than 50 video lessons. The lessons are orgnised in 4 different categories covering different aspects and problems.  The categories are:

  • Obedience essentials,
  • Just puppies,
  • Problem behaviors 
  • Advanced lessons and tricks

In the obedience essentials section you will learn the basic commands of dogtraining such as stand, heel, come when called, sit, leave or stay etc. You will also find tips on how to organise the training sessions with your dog. There are 18 videos in this section and they are aimed at building an obedience foundation with your dog before moving on to more advanced training.

In the Just Puppies section you will find training specifically aimed at puppy owners. This section deals with subjects such as; puppy food agression, how to stop unwanted chewing, socialzing new puppies, dog toys, puppy crate training and how to choose the right dog food. There is one video for each of these subjects.

In the problem behaviors section you will learn how to deal with problems such as unwanted chewing, jumping up, biting, separation anxiety and soo on. There are 14 videos in this part of the course.

Finally there is the section of advanced lessons and tricks. This is a lot of fun as you get to teach your dog some fun tricks you show your friends, if done correctly dogs love training and once you have covered the basics and sorted out any problem behaviors your dog might have. There are tricks like high five, bowing, rolling over, shake a paw, advanced heel and much more.

All in all there are over 50 videos and it is an easy and convenient way to learn. You can watch them on your smartphone or ipad when you go to the park so the videos are always availble to watch.

Here is a Free lesson from her website:

The good things about this program

The good thing about this program is the ease of use. While dog training books might very well work, seeing a real dog training work with the dogs on video is even better. It makes it all easier to understand when it is shown right in front of you.

I like Dove Cresswell’s training philosophy: “dog training should be fun and all dogs love to be trained”. She also put emphasis on the fact that you should keep the training sessions short. Short sessions will be more effective as it is less strenuous for the dog and it makes it much easier to keep your dog’s attention. As you can see on the video Dove Cresswell obviously knows what she is talking about.

You  get instant access to this program as soon as you have paid the one-time membership fee. The price is  As everything is online (no downloads or shipping) you get immediate access and the training videos are accessible from any device with an internet connection (such as a smartphone or laptap).


The weakness of this program

The only thing that is really missing in this program is a forum. If you have questions or run into problems of any kind, a forum where you can get help is very useful.

Summary and verdict

Dove Cresswell’s approach to dog training is really nice. Dog training should be fun (both for the dog and owner) and easy and it should not take hours and hours. The video based training is easy to follow and eaily accessible from anywhere where you have an internet connection. There is also no reason to doubt Dove Cresswell’ credentials. She is a fully certified professional dog trainer and has also been working with dog’s in several tv and film productions.

The price of the program is 49.95$ and it is a one-time fee. For that you get a lifetime access to the 50+ videos. You also get a 60 day money back guarantee, so you can buy the program try it out and if you are not happy you get a full refund. So there is not much to loose by trying it out.

CLICK HERE to go to Dove Cresswells website

However there is one final thing I would like to say. This program is not without limitations and do suggest that you also take a look at Doggy Dan’s online dog trainer. Doggy Dan is also a famous dog trainer and on his site you will find more then 200 dog training videos as well as forum where you can ask for assistance if needed. The questions are answered personally by Doggy Dan himself and this is very valuable should you run into to any problems.

So, before making up your mind you might like to read my review of The Online Dogtrainer by Doggy Dan



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  • This is not a comment for your site. I thought I would let you know that Dove Cresswell seems to have taken her site down. Your links are not going anywhere. Just thought I would let you know.

    • Ok, thank you soo much. Then I will I will simply add to the post that this program is no longer available.

  • Thank you for the information on Dove Crosswell, I have never heard of her. I definately think this might beige a cheaper way to go, as long as it works. It is so expensive to go to a dog trainer in WA, not sure how much it costs in any other country. I am going to also check out your other post of The online dog trainer by Doggie Dan, we have to strong dogs and I think that is when you really need to have an obedient dog. Cheers Kerry

    • Thank you for your comment. Dove Crosswells program is quite new and maybe that is why you have never heard of her. She certainly is very qualified though.

      Doggy Dan’s online dog trainer has been around for more than 5 years and its popularity is increasing all the time. His program has refund rate of less than 5% so most people are happy with it.

      There are more than 200 videos on his site but the biggest advantage with his program is that he offers support via the forum. All members have access to the forum and questions asked there are answered by Doggy Dan personally.

      Good Luck

  • Maaan this makes me miss my dogs. i had a rottweiler and a rottweiler mixed with a retriever. They were awesome dogs, and very protective. Haha they definitely could have used some training though. This would have been a very good program to implement on them as they always barked at passers by and did some questionable things with rodents and birds haha.

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