Introduction to Dog Training by Doggy Dan

This video was made by professional dog trainer Doggy Dan as an introduction his five day course video training.

This 5 day course is free and you can sign up for it at

You will receive 4 videos on obedience training of your dog.

Video 1 is about why many dog  training systems fail and you need to do instead

Video 2 shows you how to make your dog CHOOSE to follow you

Video 3 is about the Five Golden Rules which allows you to easily establish yourself as your dog’s packleader. This is a very important video as the Five Golden Rules provides the foundation for Doggy Dan’s program.

Video 4 will give you the one and only resource you will need in order to train your dog or puppy and to resolve every possible issue you might be facing with your dog.

You can sign up to his free course here


Doggy Dan’s online dog trainer is a very clever system which allows you to properly train your dog and solve various dog related issues by watching videos where Doggy Dan is working with clients dogs.The short course above will show you what you can expect from his training. So if you are interested I suggest that you go to his site to sign up for the free course mentioned above. You can also find out more about the online dog trainer by reading my full review. You can find it here:

The Online Dog Trainer Review

On this site’s menu under the title Free Dog Training Videos you will also find other dog training videos made by Doggy Dan. Check them out and tell me what you think by leaving a comment below.

All the best!


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  • Hi! I really like the info you provide, I always struggled training my dogs, every dog is different right?
    But Im glad you are providing this steps, I look forward to any information you provide 🙂
    BTW Do you think training a pup is harder than an adult dog?
    I really want to recommend this to a friend that is struggling with the training of her dog. The little pup is super hyper and won’t listen at all!

    • It is true that every dog is different. There are differencies between different breeds but also between individuals just like we humans. However, many things are the same. A dog will for example listen to its leader but ignore those who he considers inferior to him/her. So to train a dog you must first establish yourself as the packleader. Once this is done, the dog will pay attention to you and obey you. The next step is to make the dog understand what you want from it. This is done, using gestures, the tone of the voice and a few simple commands.

      Training a pup requires a lot of patience as pups are babies, but it should otherwise not be more difficult than training an adult dog. If you getting things right from the beginning, then you can prevent the puppy to pick up bad habits that has to be dealt with later. Having said that, it is always possible to train a dog. You can change the behavior of an older dog with bad habits but it does require a lot of patience.

      I suggest that you do recommend your friend to get in touch with me or send him/her to my review page of Doggy Dan. On his site there is a special section on puppy training and I really do believe that is what your friend need in order to get his/her puppy to obey.

      All the best,


  • Hi,

    Thanks for this video introduction to Dog Training.
    We recently adopted a dog from a shelter and I thought that he was too old to be trained. I always heard you get to teach them when they are still puppies in order to get results.
    I haven’t’ heard of Doggy Dan before but this is very promising to solve various dog related issues that I have my dog.

    Thank you so much for sharing. I will check out all the videos and keep you updated with the results!

    • No dog is too old to be trained. All dogs can be trained but sometimes you need a little patience to break old bad habits.

      Check out the videos and the other posts on my site and I can also recommend that you sign up to Doggy Dan’s free mini course on dogtraining. You can access this course here. Doggy Dan’s Free Mini Dog Training Course

      I wish you the best of luck and if I can be of any help just send me me a note.

      Kindest regards,


  • I’ve only ever had two dogs, but I found both fairly easy to train. I think the key is persistence – your dog will get it eventually! I think it’s really important for everyone to train their dogs – a dog needs the mental stimulation the training provides, and if they don’t get it they can become depressed. Any course helping people train their dogs is, in my opinion, a must for any dog owner.

    • You are absolutely right. Dogs must be trained. It is important both for them and for us. A dog owner must be able to control his/her dog and dogs enjoy training as well. This course by Doggy Dan is a good way of learning how to train your dog all by yourself while having the support of a professional dog trainer when you need it.

      Thank you for your input.


  • Hi there,
    Thanks for posting a great educational tutorial on dog training.
    Its very refreshing to see a professional’s take on training dogs.
    I know lots of people who accquired a dog and unfortunately had no idea how to handle or train a dog.
    This free online tutorial will be very helpful and beneficial to a lot of people who would like to get the ins and outs of dog handling.
    thanks again for a great review
    Cheers Phil Browne

    • You are welcome. Lots of dogs end up in rescue shelters simply because their owners didn’t have a clue on how to train them. It is too sad, especially since training a dog is not difficult. You just need to learn how.

  • Awesome!! I am looking forward to giving this a try, I have a dog and my room mate has a dog and let’s just say that sometimes they are not the best behaved dogs ever. This seems like an easy system to follow, I believe it will be very beneficial to learn from.

    • I am most certain you will find it very useful. Doggy Dan’s training is both effective and easy to follow. Dog training is not complicated, Once you establish yourself as your dog’s leader you will just need a few simple methods in order to train it. You need some patience of course but the results will come pretty quickly.

      If you need any more info or if I can be of help, just drop me a line and I will get back to you.


  • Hi JoJo.

    Thank you for the opportunity to view your site post. I will tell you immediately that I like it. I like the subject and the videos of Dan the trainer is fantastic. I know that if I had a dog who needed training that I would tap into Dan’s training right away. He is very believable.

    I think this is very informative and quite a good idea to take dog training via video because it to me it would be intimidating to go to a dog training center even if there was one close to me. The intimidation for me would result in how dumb my dog behaved as I show everyone how little control I had over it.

    I think your post is clear and concise and brings you to the “reason” for it right off with Dan’s brief intro vid. You have used videos very well and no wonder as Doggy Dan there is super at selling what he does. He gets your interest right away….good speaker and enthusiastic. You have captured this yourself I’m sure and saw that this is a good attraction…..and some of it is free seems like.

    I do envy you in your choice of niche. Good job.

    All the best in going forward, Duane.

  • Hi Jojo it is nice to meet you.I really like the video it was a great aspect to your website the content is good.plenty of pictures so that is good. their really was not anything i could suggest overall excellent job.i wish you a lot of success with your website you will do very well.

  • I agree with the “establishing yourself as pack leader” rule. It is a very important rule. I have had great success with training my dogs. However, I have a really hard time with bully breeds. I don’t know what it is with them and me, but we just do not jive too well lol. We have a pit lab mix that just will not listen to anyone if he is off leash. My German Shepherd listens very well no matter what and a number of dogs I have had in the past trained well too. I hope this video really helps me with my pit lab mix.

    • Some breeds and/or individuals are tougher to train as they are more stubborn and dominant. German Shepherds (generally speaking) are easy to train and this the reason why they are used all over the world by police and rescue forces. However every dog can be trained if the right methods are used. You just need to find out how.

      First thing being establishing yourself as the packleader. If your dog does not see you as its packleader, it simply won’t listen to you. Once this is done, you need to learn the correct commands/methods so that the dog understand what you mean when you try to teach it something.

      i am most certain that Doggy Dan can help you with that. In his training program you can get individual assistance if you need it. Doggy Dan has dealt with soo many “problem dogs” and soo many different breeds during his years as a dog trainer soo I am most certain that he can help you as well.

      I wish you the best of luck and please get in touch if I can be of any help.


  • I have recently got a new puppy jack russel terrier and he does need a lot of training.

    I have heard many people recommend an online trainer as they are much cheaper than going to classes and you can do them in your own time.

    Do you recommend the training for all kinds of dogs? My uncle recently got a dog and they would probably benefit from this too.

    • Yes, I do recommend this training for all kind of dogs. Different breeds of dogs might differ in temperament and/or character but the training is basically the same.

  • This program sounds interesting. I remember when we got our last dog, the Humane Society made us sign up for training classes before we could adopt, because having a well-trained dog is such an important part of responsible pet ownership. This was quite a while ago, before most internet resources. I hope Humane Societies still have this requirement, but I wonder if they’ve made allowances for all the help available online today.

    • In New Zealand Doggy Dan’s program “The Online Dog Trainer” is actively being promoted by the SPCA (Society for Protection from Animal Cruelty). The trainining is really gentle and good for the dogs. I do agree with you that learning how to to train and handle a dog is absolutely necessary for dog ownership. It is important to understand why dogs do like they do and how deal with various problems and situations.

  • Hi Jojo,

    I just wanted to say I’ve been following your blog for a whole and there’s always something I gleam from every post.

    I’ve just watched a couple of the dog training videos and ‘Doggy Dan’s’ training is great – I like his laid back style and he gives you tools you can use, little a simple technique to stop yourself getting dragged along by the dog on a leash! Worth the few minutes’ watch for sure!

    Thanks again for some great resources 🙂

    • You are welcome. Yes Doggy Dan’s methods really are simple and easy to use. Dog training is not difficult as long as you learn a few basic tricks and principles.

  • I have always had issued training my dog but I have also looked into other products and videos that I haven’t had any success in. I’m going to give this dog training video a try which is great since the five-day courses is free. I’m also going to look into the reviews. Thanks for sharing informative information. Have this program work for you?

    • This program has worked well for thousands of people and wish I would have had access to it years ago when I decided to get a dog. Check the “About Me” page to see what I mean.

      For the time being, I do not own a dog. I would like to but my current professional situation does not allow me to own a dog as a spend several days every week away from home. Once I have the opportunity I will get a dog and certainly use Doggy Dan’s program.

      Good luck and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


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