Puppy Dog Training Video by Doggy Dan

Here is an introduction to puppy training by Doggy Dan. The video actually shows the puppy training section of his site: The Online Dog trainer and it explains fairly well what puppy training is all about and how The Online Dog Trainer can help you.

I will simply explain what you will find in this five minute video and then I will give you my point of view on it and why I think this can be useful for you.

This is a virtual tour of Doggy Dan’s dog training site with focus on puppy training.

It starts by a brief introduction to where you can find everything on the site pointing out the main features such as becoming the packleader, puppy training, dog problems, dog training and the forum where you can get help should you run into any problems during your training.

He then briefly  explains what the different parts are all about with focus on becoming the packleader and of course, the puppy training session. He points out the importance of becoming the packleader and how it affects the the training and socialisation of your puppy.

In the Puppy section he will show you a few parts of “project Moses”. Moses is Doggy Dan’s own dog and he has documented Moses training and development by filming him. All the videos of him are in the section “Project Moses” and you find them organised by age. All videos of moses when he is eight weeks under one tab, and soo on until he is grown.

On the main page, under the heading “Every day tools and techniques” there are a number of buttons which when you click on them will take you to a page where you find simple techniques which can be used to handle various situations and problems with your dog. Doggy Dan explains a couple of them such as the “Calm Freeze” which is used to calm an exited or aggressive dog and the energy meter which is a way to determine your dog’s “level of energy” and thus know if you can train it or if it needs calming down first.

Finally he quickly goes over the various other parts of the Puppy Training section of the site. Things such as “getting started” which is about how to prepare yourself and your home already before your puppy gets there and how to handle its first night on its own. There is also “Meeting the world” which is about getting your puppy used to other people, dogs, cats, machines and just about everything your puppy can run into in its everyday life. Then he mentions one very important topic: “Behavorial issues”

There are always some problems related to a puppy’s behavior and the majority of them are listed in this section. If you for example click on “submissive urination” it will take you to a page where you not only get an explaination for what it is but it also provides you with and simple solution for how to solve it. This is very useful and can really reduce the stress and frustration which often occur when you try to stop an unwanted behavior from your puppy and you just can’t seem to get it to understand what you mean.

To sum it all up, apart from giving you an idea of what you will find inside the The Online Dog Trainer’s puppy section this video also shows you how this can be useful to you. If have new puppy or are about to get one, I would suggest that you take a good look at The Online Dog Trainer, there is no easier way to learn how to train your puppy and/or solve any problems that you have with your puppy’s behavior. Go to this page and simply scroll down to the section where it says “I want help to train my new puppy”.

Click Here For Help To Train Your New Puppy

Enjoy the video, and if you have any questions feel free to contact me anytime.

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  • Hi there,

    Awesome article!

    I found a puppy in the street two days ago, and he is so cute that we couldn’t resist to adopt him. The problem is that he eats all the shoes at home. Also, he does his business on my carpet. I love him, but I really need some help to train my new puppy. I’ll check the training, hoping to succeed:)
    Thank you for this excellent post!

    • Doggy Dan’s training is excellent and I really recommend it. It is not only the videos that you can watch on his site but also the support you get with the program. If you have any issue you just contact him via the forum and he will help you.

      For the chewing issue, I suggest you take a look at this post: Why does my dog chew my shoes? or this one which is about chewing in general: How to stop unwanted chewing

      I wish you the best of luck and if I can be of any help please feel free to contact me and I will do all I can to help you.


  • Like the video and information. I haven’t had a dog in 17 years, but I’m planning to buy one soon and I feel rusty.

    • It would certainly be a good idea to freshen up your knowledge and get prepared. That way it will much easier once you get your dog home.
      You will find plenty of advice on these pages and if I can be of any help feel free to drop me a line any time and I will do what I can to help you.
      I really do recommend Doggy Dan’s training. It is easy to use and he also provides great support if you need it. You can try out his program here:
      The Online Dogtrainer
      I wish you the best of luck
      Kindest regards, Jojo

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