How to help a shelter dog

How to help a shelter dog
How to help a shelter dog

While doing some research on the internet I stumbled upon a website called

This site does not only contain a lot of great information about dogs such as training, health and how to care for your dog but this site is also helping out homeless dogs and raising money for shelter dogs. On their site you can buy not only items for dogs but also men’s and women’s clothing and a variety of things for your house and garden. The profit from these sales go to the dogs who needs it and this organization is very active in caring for abandoned, sick or injured.

Take a look at their site and see if there is something you want or need, if you buy anything it will go to a good cause. Now there is one thing you can do to help without spending any money at all. Simply go to their website and sign up to their newsletter. By doing nothing else but giving them your e-mail address they will give one meal to a shelter dog. When you receive the confirmation e-mail, simply confirm your e-mail address and they will give another meal to a shelter dog. There is hardly anything to do and nothing to spend and it will do a lot of good.

I just signed up to their newsletter and I found it very useful. You will get a lot of tips on how to train and care for your dog there so make sure you stay subscribed. Here is the link to their site again:

That is all for now, all the best.


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  • Short but sweet, JoJo.  Thanks for putting this out there for us. This is a great idea.

    My wife and I are dog lovers and had two of our own up until a few weeks ago. Lost one almost two years ago and the other just a while ago. Best friends and I can’t think of a better way to help out than to sign up for the news letter, at the very least. 

    I’m going to visit the website as well and see if anything catches my eye. Christmas is coming up so this would be a great opportunity to get some early shopping done and help out at the same time. 


    • That is a great idea, I will write a reminder post closer to Christmas. They got some good things that would make great Christmas gifts and the money goes to a good cause.

      All the best,


    • Thank you, that is a great idea, I will write another post about this site closer to Christmas, Plenty of good things for Christmas presents and the money goes to a great cause.


  • What a great post. I signed up for the newsletter and have also shared this site to others that will buy or at least get newsletter. They have some great, unique items they are selling. Thanks for the sharing this so that others can get on board for a great cause as well. 


    • Thank you for sharing this to others, I think they are doing a great job helping all these poor dogs but they need all help they can get so let us all do what we can.


  • That looks like a good way to help shelter dogs, especially as there are far too many homeless animals, and the shelters can use the extra food. This is the first time I’ve heard of iheartdogs, and it’s good to know that there’s another organization out there that helps animals. 

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