How to introduce a puppy to an older dog (video)

Here is a video showing the introduction of puppy to older dogs. There is not all that much to do, the dogs will usually handle the introduction themselves pretty well but there are a few things to take into consideration. Not all older dogs have lots of patience and tolerance so make sure you know the temperament of the older dog. Also, make sure to stay really close ready to intervene just in case. As you can see in the video, the owner is holding the little puppy between his legs. This close contact will give the puppy confidence and make it feel secure.

Here are some advice if you have an older dog and are going introduce a new puppy to your home.

How to introduce a puppy to an older dog
How to introduce a puppy to an older dog

When you already have a grown dog and introduce a new puppy to your home there are some things to take into consideration. The older dog is used to being the only dog around and when a new puppy arrives there is the risk of jealousy. The older dog is used to getting all attention so at first it might not like the newcomer. Therefore, it is important to take following into account:

  • Introduce the two dogs to each other on a neutral ground, preferably away from the house which the older dog will consider his/her territory.
  • When taking the puppy into the house for the first time, make sure to put away the older dogs belongings such as food and water bowl, toys etc to make sure the puppy does not get hold of them. Show the puppy his/her own toys, bed and water bowl.
  • Be observant of the body language of the older dog. Dogs usually read other dogs body language pretty well but if the puppy is very young he/she might not be able to read the body language of the older dog very well and might for example want to play when the older dog is tired or is feeling discomfort. Observe your older dogs body language and make sure to separate the dogs, should the older dog, growl, snap or stare at the puppy.
  • Arrange so there are places in the house where the two dogs can be at ease, away from each other.
  • Give the older dog plenty of attention. This is particularly important as the dog can get jealous of the new puppy if the puppy gets more attention than older dog does.
  • Do not allow the older dog to bully the puppy, this can gradually become worse and will make it difficult to get the new puppy accepted in the family.

Usually it should not be too difficult to introduce a new puppy to your home as long as you make sure to give both dogs plenty of attention and are observant of the older dog’s reaction. All dogs are different though and with some dogs this process is much easier than with others. Female dogs are usually a little more patient with young puppies then male dogs and there can also be a difference between different breeds of dogs as the temperament and tolerance towards other dogs and pets are different from breed to breed.

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you have any comments, questions, experiences or tips to share please leave them below.


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