How to master dog training

how to master dog trainingOnce you have decided to get a dog and know more or less which breed or breeds that would suit you and your family then you should learn how to master dog training. If you already have a dog and have not figured this out yet then you better get going right away so that you can train your dog effectively before it picks up too many bad habits. If this is the case, do not worry there are always solutions to dog related problems and ways to train your dog so here goes: how to master dog training.

Being well-prepared when getting a dog or a puppy will make things a lot easier and smoother and therefore it is a good idea to start learning already before your dog or puppy arrives and have a plan for how to do it. If you have a good dog trainer living nearby and you would like to use his/her services

it could be a good idea to contact him/her already before your puppy arrives so you know that he/she will be available. Getting a good dog training program in book or video form would also be a great idea so you get some knowledge of dog training already before the dog/puppy arrives.

Mastering dog training means that you will be able to teach your dog a few basic commands and also be able to control him/her and make him/her come back when you call. Being able to control your dog is very important when there are people, other dogs and/or traffic around you. You must be able to get your dog to listen and to stop doing something when this is needed. Imagine a dog running away and crossing a heavily trafficked road or street? Or a big dog who jumps on people you don’t know and who are afraid of dogs?

So mastering dog training is very important and thus this is something that should be taken seriously. Living with a well-trained and well-behaved dog is also far easier and more pleasant than a dog which you can not control.
Ideally, training starts as soon as you get your dog or puppy home. To get things right from the beginning will make living with your dog smoother and easier. However, like mentioned, if you already have a dog and you have difficulties training it don’t despair, it is certainly possible to “teach old dogs to sit” you just need a little time and patience.

The very first step when it comes to dog training is to establish yourself as the pack leader. The idea is that a dog follow their leader so if you establish yourself as your dog’s leader it will automatically obey you. Now I know that some people do not believe in the theory of the pack leader anymore and that recent research has dismissed this theory. Now I think there is a serious misunderstanding about the whole issue. Some people seem to think that being the packleader is being a dominant oppressive alpha leader pushing and scaring their dog into submission. This is not the case and not the way it should be done.

Training should instead be performed with positive reinforcement. This means that you encourage your dog by praising and rewarding good behavior while firmly saying No to bad behavior and then ignore your dog. Dogs love attention and hate being ignored.

Thus being the pack leader means being a kind and gentle leader who the dog respects and look to for advice and leadership. This makes the dog feel secure and relaxed as opposed to a dog owner who is nervous and/or who lacks control. If a dog does not see you as the leader it will take the leadership role itself and this will make it very difficult to train as the dog does not respect and does not turn to you for advice on how to act and behave. So, a strong but gentle leadership is the first step in mastering dog training.

Once the leadership role is established, you simply need to learn a few simple methods on how to teach your dog various different commands. The important thing to remember here is that dogs are dogs and they do not understand our language, therefore the commands given must followed by gestures the dog can understand. A simple example would be the command “sit”. When giving this command (the dog is standing) you gently push on the rear of the dog and it will sit. Once its bottom touches the ground you praise it and/or reward it.

There are several commands like this you need to teach your dog and a simple method for each one of them. Sit, down, come, leave it and stay are a few basic and important commands to teach your dog. There are many others but these are the most important. Then there is of course the issue of having your dog or puppy house trained. This is something you need to start with as soon as you get your dog or puppy home. It can be frustrating but with a firm but gentle approach and by clearly showing your dog/puppy what to do and what not do you will soon succeed.

Soo, where do you learn all this? Well there are several ways of doing this. You might want to check “the classifieds” in your area to see if there are any dog training courses nearby. There are sometimes courses run by voluntaries and they are much less expensive than hiring a professional dog trainer. If you do have a good professional dog trainer nearby and you can afford the cost then this might be a good option but before doing that I would suggest that you learn as much as possible by yourself and getting yourself as well-prepared as you can.

So how do you do this? I would suggest that you start by checking out this website ( you will several posts about various issues of dog training here. Then, you can check out the Online Dog Trainer. The online dog trainer is a video based dog training program where you learn dog training by watching videos of Professional dog trainer Doggy Dan when he is working with clients dogs.

It is a very effective and affordable system which covers just about everyone you need to know about raising a puppy/dog and it also shows you how to solve various problems such as unwanted chewing or barking. Should you run into any problems you can always get help by Doggy Dan through the included forum. Here is a Virtual Tour of the Online Dog Trainer. Alternatively you check out my full review of this program here.

You might also want to check out Secrets to Dog Training by Kingdom of pets. This is training program is in the form of an e-book. It is also a very complete program where help is available through a very active forum. You can check out my review of this program here. Note that since I wrote this review this program has been vastly improved and new free bonus books has been added to the main offer.

I hope you enjoyed this post and that you found it useful. If you have any questions or comments please leave them below.



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  • This article is timely. I just got a puppy at home and I am planning to learn a few dog training techniques so that he could grow up to be a well-behaved house dog.

    We were planning to attend classes, but being located quite far from town, it can be a bit inconvenient. I never knew that there are dog training courses online until now. Look forward to explore all the sites that you’ve recommended. Cool stuff, thanks!

    • You are welcome, I wish you the best of luck and if I can be of any help just drop me a line.

      Kindest regards,


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