How to potty train puppy

puppy with messAnother beautiful day, you wake and when coming out of your bedroom you discover your puppy rolling around in poo, and it is just everywhere.

You’ll be cleaning up for at least half an hour probably more and you will be late for work.

Frustrating isn’t it`?

After taking your puppy young dog outside to pee you return inside and then he decides to continue inside and this time it is all over your new carpet.

Aarrrggg! Time to learn How to Potty Train  Puppy

Toilet training your puppy should not be this hard should it? Neither should it take this long. And you are absolutely right it should not take too long or be too difficult There is not one magic solution but there are plenty of little tricks that will help you out. There is a chance that you are not using most of them.

Most people don’t use these techniques because nobody ever told them about it. Nobody has explained exactly what to do and the importance of all these techniques.

All of them are both simple and logical soo I will show you soo you get the right idea and can continue on your own. I will also show you where you can get further training and assistance soo that you can solve this problem easily.First thing is to stay calm. A little puppy is like a baby and you are responsible for them. No point in taking out your frustrations on them. On the contrary it can set you back and make things even more difficult. Soo becoming angry and shouting at your puppy will not help them and it will only make things worse. To learn the puppy must be relaxed and pay attention to what you show them.

Some people use a stupid technique of rubbing the pupp’ys nose in poo to show them they are doing the wrong thing. This is complete nonsense and the puppy will not learn anything from this. People who do this have completely missed the point of toilet training

puppy with toilet paperSo if you think about it. What is the reason your puppy peed in the house? Simply because they needed to go.

They needed to go and so they went, they might even have tried to resist and maybe the door was shut so what choice did they have?

Your puppy is not trying to annoy you or wind you up.

So if you rub your puppies nose in poo…it is not going to help because they still don’t know where to go.

So, you need to show your puppy where to go – it is that simple.

So if you tell your puppy off for peeing in front of the couch you tell them this is not the right place, but you also need to tell them where to go, not just where not

That is the thing. That is toilet training. Show your puppy where to go and where not to go.

 You need to stay focused on the goal

Many people make this mistake: They forget about the goal too soon and start telling their puppy off when things go wrong.

Now this is how you could do it instead.

Every time your puppy goes to the toilet at the right place reward them with a treat. Every Single Time you do this. And you continue for a long time. Keep rewarding. This is very motivating for a little puppy so they will continue doing the right thing.

Very important. The reward should be given to them immediately after they have finished. Like two seconds after. This way the puppy will link going to the toilet in the right place and getting a treat. If you wait then the puppy will not associate the two. The puppy will think: Aha, if I pee in the right place you will give me a treat.

Important: Keep this up during a long time. Many people start doing this and the drop it after a week or two. One trick could be to keep a big jar of treats outside so you always have them available. Or to make sure you always carry some in your pocket.

  1. Puppy Toilet Training takes time and patience

small labradorDon’t forget that puppies are babies. They are young and small and are still learning. It takes time and patience the same goes for human babies as well so just be patient and keep training.

Just relax. Take a deep breath and remember that you can do this and that there is nothing wrong with your puppy.

Focus on the things you and your puppy have learned and leave the mistakes behind you.

Learning is for life It is good to take a look behind you and see what you could have done differently but you should only see this as a learning experience, no need to regret anything. Both good and bad things happen so learn and keep going.

  1. Another Tip: The Rug

Here is another little tip I learned from an audio file.

Here’s the scenario of what happens……all the time.

There is nice thick piece of rug on the floor. Your puppy finds it and it feels nice a a bit like grass and it looks like a good place to pee or even worse, poo.Your

Unfortunately, this is a brand new, thick white shag pile rug and it is very hard to get the stains and smell out of it.

Even if you clean it carefully your puppy is still going to be able to smell the pee and poo and now it not only looks but also smells like a good place to go. Before long the expensive Rag will be ruined.

So, just take the rag away clean it and put it back in 6 months. Don’t even try to put it back to soon. It is not going to work.

5. Knowledge is worth a lot:

There are soo many things to think of when it comes to toilet training and it is sometimes difficult to keep everything in mind, therefore it can be very useful to have someone to turn to for advice.

Doggy Dan’s online dog trainer is such a place. There you will have all these techniques explained and shown to you on video. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions and get answers by Doggy Dan himself. There is a 40 minute sessions dealing just with toilet training and in it you will find just about any topic you can think of related to toilet training. For example how to break your puppy’s habit, how to clean up after your puppy and even what to do if an older dog starts toiletting inside, which can also happen.puppy with mess

If you are interested then you should take a look at my review of the Online Dog Trainer.

And as always, if you have any questions or concerns leave a comment below.




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  • You laid out some very good advice here. I’ve had dogs my whole life and can be the first one to tell you that it can be frustrating but given them treats when they go to the right spot to pee or do number two, works 99% of the time.

  • I wish I found your site when i got my first dog! The treat thing seems so simple and logical considering you give a dog a treat for every other good thing they do. We went thru so much crap, no pun intended, training our first dog! I think the treat thing would have been a big help and now i am not so hesitant to get another! My dog is like an only child tho! Great post! I love that it is simple!

    • Thank you, yes the “treat thing” is both simple and effective. If a dog gets a positive association of doing the “right thing” then it wants to continue doing that. Later on when habits are really well settled you can stop giving treats all the time.

  • Your site covers so many areas that we as dog owners have had to deal with or are presently dealing with. We have three pups ranging in age form 6 months to twelve years and have been through the house breaking cycle with all of them. Each one takes a little different approach but it comes about pretty quickly if you are not keeping an eye on your watch.
    Our biggest problem has been when the pups are teething they want to gnaw on expensive items. We’ve also worked through this with each but has always caused some damage which is part of bringing them into the family. Dogs are Great!

    • Hi Randy and thank you for your input. Yes dogs are great but of course sometimes there are trouble with various issues. Unwanted chewing really is a very common problem and especially with puppies who are teething. Have checked out the video and article I wrote on unwanted chewing?
      The video is done by Doggy Dan and explains in a very simply way how to redirect chewing from expensive items to something the dog is allowed to chew.
      Here is the link to this video/article:

  • Great information on your site for potty training a puppy! I have a dog that is between 2 & 3 years old that I rescued. He was in a garage with 150 others for the first part of his life and I am having trouble getting him house broken. Do I use the same steps that you would for a puppy? I am having not luck….

    • Hi there, yes you can use the same steps as you would for a puppy. You only need to follow these methods and have a little patience and you will soon see the difference. Please contact me if you need any further assistance.


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