How to prevent getting ticks – Amazing, simple and effective trick

Ticks can be very annoying in summer time especially if you are hiking or spend time anywhere where you have high grass and bushes. Ticks are difficult to spot as they are soo small and when a dog gets them they get hidden underneath the fur. Ticks usually hide in long grass or bushes and when a human or animal walks by they “let go of the bush” and fall down to attach themselves to our skin with their long hooklike claws. They grow in size as they suck blood and when they have enough they will fall of their host (human or animal) and lay their eggs.
Ticks can cause a number of diseases for example Borelia and Lyme disease. These are dangerous diseases and thus it is important to remove any ticks you and your dog might get when walking in the woods or fields.


Now to a great trick that will prevent you from getting ticks in the first place. It is called coconut oil. Yes it is really that simple. I just heard of this recently and it is nothing I have tried myself but apparently it is very effective. It seems like the ticks hate the smell of coconut oil and they stay away from any animal who has this on the body. Now all you have to do is to put a few drops of coconut oil on your dogs neck and on the back and voila, the ticks will leave it alone. Whether or not this works for humans as well I can not tell you but logically if it works for animals it should work for you to.

If you have tried this, I would love to hear from you, just post your comments and suggestions below.

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  • I used to own a pet store and we used to have all kinds of medicated collars and ointments to keep away ticks. But I would never have though that coconut oil would be as effective. Thanks for the tip! My best friend has a few dogs so I will definitely share this with her. She is always complaining about how much repellent she uses during the summer for her 3 dogs and they are 3 BIG dogs. It will be good news to her that she can use coconut oil instead as it seems to be much cheaper.

    • I must say that I was very surprised myself when I heard of this trick but sometimes there are simple solutions to really annoying problems.

      If your friend does try coconut oil on her dogs, can you get back to me and tell me about the results? I am eager to know as I just recently heard about coconut oil and I have not tried it myself though I heard from a reliable source that coconut oil is really effective against ticks and it is also both cheap and completely harmless.

      I wish your friend the best of luck.

      All the best.


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