How to read your dog’s body language

Dogs express a lot of their emotions by their body language yet many dog owners don’t have a clue what the different postures and actions of their dogs mean. This post will give you some examples of how dogs express themselves using their body language and also how this can make things easier for you.

Learning to read your dog’s body language can go a long way to better understand your dog, its behavior and what mood it is in. It will make you understand the situation when your dog is interacting with other dogs and that way you will know if your dog is just playing or if there is need to step in.

Dogs can of course “read” each other as this is natural for them but you can also easily learn this “language”.

Like with most things, reading your dog’s body language is EASY when you know how. In fact in order for you to smoothly raise and train your dog, knowing how your dog is functioning is necessary and knowing your dog’s body language is a part of this knowledge. So let us take a look at this “secret language” and how it is “spoken and read”

Below you will find a few examples of things dogs do and what it means.

Dog standing on three legs, lifting one paw in the air. This is a submissive behavior. A dog doing this is saying: I am submissive and not threatening. The other dog/dogs may react to this in a number of different ways but usually this posture means that there is not going to be any trouble.




The dog raises the hair of its back. This is often considered an aggressive and offensive behavior but it is not always the case. A dog raising its Hackles (back hair) is usually exited and full of energy and this could be due to other things than aggression. He/she might simply be very exited and happy to play with other dogs. In this case you should just keep an eye on your dog and see how things develop.


Running back to play with a “bully”. A dog who is seemingly being pushed around and dominated but is constantly running back to the other dog is simply happy to play. If this dog was unhappy with the situation it is unlikely that it would return to the other dog.


Dog placing its head over the back of the neck of another dog. A dog who is heavily placing its head over the back of the neck of another dog wants to assert dominance over the other dog. What happens then depends on the reaction of the other dog. Some dogs will not let themselves be dominated and will certainly let the other dog know that they are not happy with the situation.


Spinning 360 degrees. A dog spinning around and around is almost certainly happy and wants to play. It is often trying to stimulate other dogs to play. A dog who is spinning around is by doing so turning its back towards the other dog and thus showing that it is relaxed and feeling safe because you never turn your back against something threatening.




Here you have a video displaying the body language of playing dogs


Online Dog Trainer ReviewThese were just a few examples of how dog’s express themselves using their body language. There are a lot more to learn when it comes to body language. Dogs display their fear, confidence and aggression through their posture and through the way they act. Some things might be quite obvious while others more difficult to learn. Learning to read your dog’s body language will certainly make living with your dog easier and a lot more fun as well.

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