How to stop a dog from pulling on the leash

How to stop a dog from pulling on the leash

Do you constantly find yourself being pulled down the street when you are walking your dog?? You might have a sore arm and shoulder from try keep your dog under control. No wonder, big dogs are strong and if you have to fight it every time you walk well that is a drag.

What if you could have your dog walking nicely and calmly beside you, without pulling? What you say? I have tried everything but it just don’t seem to work, my dog just won’t get it and pulls me all over the place.

Well, I am going to show you the reason why your dog is constantly pulling the leash and the solution to it. On top of this I will show you where you can get assistance with training your dog, should you need more help.

First of all, take a look at this video, it will show you how professional dog trainer doggy dan handles a dog pulling on the leash.

You might need to practice a little before everything works as well as in the video and some dogs are really stubborn and they might need a little bit more work but as you can see it is really not that complicated. Now I am going to give you a few tips that I am sure you will find very helpful.

1. Start the walk with a calm dog
If your dog is really exited and is jumping up and down even before you leave the house then it is going to be very difficult to calm it down once you get outside. Most dogs really love their walks and seing the leash gets them even more exited. If you simply put the leash on and leave the house with the dog in this condition then it is going to be hard work teaching it to walk properly.

So you need to get the dog calm before you can get anywhere. How you might ask? How can you get an overly exited dog to calm down when he/she is so exited about his/her walk? The answer is simple, you put away the leash and turn your back on your dog until it has calmed down and then you try again. If your dog gets exited again, you repeat the procedure and wait.

The reason for this is that if you put the leash on your very exited dog and leaves the house like that then you reinforce this behavior. That means you reward the dog with a walk for being exited. Your dog must understand that in order to have a walk he/she must calm down first. Remember this: Reward good behavior, ignore bad behavior.
Once your dog is really calm and relaxed then you can leave the house.

This might take a bit of time but it is really worth it and it is going to make teaching your dog to walk nicely a lot easier. Now once your dog is calm attach the leash and walk out the door, if your dog gets really exited right away and start pulling, get back in, take off leash and wait for a few minutes, then try again.

2. Change direction
Once you start the walk, take a look at where your dog is heading, if your dog is trying to go to the left, you head to the right and vice versa. If your dog pulls straight ahead, turn around in the opposite direction. This will constantly leave your dog behind you, and thus suddenly you are leading the walk and not your dog. It is important to do this early and not wait until your dog is far ahead of you.  This will take a little time but by repeating this exercise several times your dog will learn that you lead the walk.

3. Using a proper lead
Using the right type of leash and harness will help in teaching your dog to heal. Take a look at the different devices available and you will find one which is going to work great for your dog. The harness used by Doggy Dan in the video is a special one where the attachement is under the dog’s chin instead of at the back like on a traditional harness.


4. The Packleader walks in front.
In a dog’s world, the leader of the pack is the one who is leading the walk. You should be the packleader and walk in front, not your dog. Now being the packleader is a topic of its own and has to do with many other things then just who is leading the walk. The thing here is that if your dog considers him/herself to be the packleader then he/she will always try to get in front and lead the walk.

If you establish yourself as the packleader then it is going to be much easier to make him/her walk nicely beside you and stop pulling. This is true to all other aspects of dog training as well, if your dog considers you to be the packleader, he/she will follow and obey you.

Inside of Doggy Dan’s website you will find a section called the “Dog Calming Code” and inside this section there is the “Five Golden Rules” to become the packleader. The five golden rules covers how to act and what to do when it comes to certain situations. For example what to do when you feed your dog, when you walk it, if your dog reacts to perceived danger, when and how to give your dog attention, and after you have been separated from your dog.

I have already given you one example here, that is the walk and the fact the leader (that is you) walks in front. Another example would be how to handle food. The packleader controls the food. The leader(s) eat first then the others. You eat before your dog and when your dog has finished eating you put the food away, you don’t leave it on the floor, thus you control the food, not your dog.

These things might mean nothing to us but they do mean a lot for our dogs and by following the steps in the five golden rules your dog will start to consider you as its leader and once it does, it will be far easier to train and thus much easier to walk.

5. Where to find more dog walking tips

You can find a lot more on leash walking at Doggy Dan’s website the Online Dog Trainer. There are currently 7 videos about leash walking and a lot of information. The great thing with this site is that it offers a lot of support. If you need any help you can always contact Doggy Dan either by posting a question in the forum or by contacting him directly using e-mail or skype.

Click Here to get Doggy Dan’s help to stop your dog from pulling the leash


I do hope that you found this post useful and as usual if you have any questions and or other tips and tricks that you would like to share with us please write them in comment section below.




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