How to train your dog to sit

How to train your dog to sit
How to train your dog to sit

Teaching your dog the command “sit” is one of the first and most basic commands you need to teach your dog. It is really the base for more advanced training.
Fortunately it is also one of the easiest commands to teach. Sitting is natural to a dog and it can be taught in a few simple steps. Once you have taught your dog to sit then you can go on to teach it “down” and “stay”.

The key to successful dog training is taking it step by step, starting with really easy things and then move on to harder and harder stuff.

To teach your dog how to sit, you can simply do like this.

  • First you need to get the attention of your dog. You have to make sure your dog pays attention and has all his/her attention to you. If your dog is exited or restless you need to make him/her to calm down first. One trick you can try is the “Calm Freeze” method in order to get your dog calmer. It is a very simple method where you simply grab your dog underneath the collar and let your “calm energy” transfer to your dog. It is very simple and effective and you can get a more detailed explanation on how the “Calm Freeze Method” works here
  • Keep a treat your dog really likes handy and show it to your dog
  • hold the treat high and make sure your dog is watching it. Doing this might even cause your dog sit without you giving a command.
  • Give the command “SIT” and gently push with the hand on the butt of your dog. He/she will most probably understand and sit.
  • At the moment his/her bottom touches the floor, say “good boy/girl” (or whatever word you choose to use when your dog does something right) and give the treat. If you use a clicker when training your then you first use the clicker (at the exact moment your dog sits) and then give praise and the reward.

How to teach your dog how to sitIt is important to praise your dog and give the treat immediately after he/she has executed the command otherwise the dog might not understand why you reward it.
As you can see this is really a basic and simple command to teach your dog/puppy and also one of the most important.

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you have any questions, ideas or suggestions, please write a comment below.

Wish you the best of luck with your dog training.


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