Interview with Doggy Dan

Here is an interview with Doggy Dan where he talks about his special relationship with dogs. In case, you have not heard of him, Doggy Dan is a professional dog trainer and dog behaviorist from New Zealand. There are a couple of examples in the video where he is working with clients dogs. One dog is suffering from separation anxiety and is constantly barking when left alone and the other dog will not come back to her owners when called. You will see how easy he deals with both these situations.



Just like Doggy Dan says in the video, it is very important to understand how dogs function and then adapt your own behavior to it. In the video, he also shows the importance of being the pack leader. As you can see with the little dog who is constantly barking when the owners leave the house, once they have established themselves as the dogs leader then this dog can be left alone and it will calmly wait for his owners to return. It is in fact very difficult to do any dog training with a dog who if you have not established yourself as the pack leader. Like I have said many times before, dogs folllow their leader, so if you are their leader, they will follow you, and this is really the core of Doggy Dan’s training.

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In the video he gives the example of a big dog who was constantly pulling the lead and nothing the owners did seem to work. Dan made the dog change his “mindset” and when he no longer considered himself to be in charge, he walked calmly on the lead.
Doggy Dan shows how little things is of great importance, such as going through doors before your dog (a leader goes first) and not letting your dog get out of the car before you have given it permission to do so. These are little things but they all add up and they are important.

This is the reason why Doggy Dan is so successful, he knows how dogs function and he knows how to act in order to make them follow him.

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Doggy Dan also runs the website, the online dog trainer. The Online Dog Trainer is a video based dog training site where he shares all his knowledge and experience with dogs and the various and the various dog related problems you may encounter. There are more than 250 videos on the site and it covers just about everything from excessive barking, pulling the lead to aggressiveness towards other dogs or people. What ever issues you have with your dog, you can find it there. The videos show Doggy Dan working with clients dogs, just like in the video you just watched.

Interview with Doggy Dan
Interview with Doggy Dan

If you like know more about the Online Dog Trainer, I suggest that you take a look at my Review of the Online Dog Trainer, you will find a lot more info there. There are also other videos by Doggy underneath the title Free Videos on my site. If you sign up to my news letter, you will get a book titled: My Everyday Dog Training Tools. You will find the sign up form on the right side of this post. The book completely free of charge and in it, Doggy Dan reveals the most important principles of his dog training.
Finally, you can also go directly to The Online Dog Trainer and sign up for Doggy Dan’s free course An easy way to an obedient dog. He also offers a three-day trial membership for one dollar.

I hope this post gave you a little more information on Doggy Dan, who he is and how his Online Dog Training program can help you with your dog.

If I can be of any help, if you have any questions or comments about Doggy Dan and his program, please post them below.

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  • Accidentally stumbled upon this site and it’s exactly what I needed. I’ve spent the past few weeks trying to retrain my little yorkie…he’s a tough little guy who definitely thinks he’s boss, and definitely my own fault for letting that continue…just accidents happening in the house, as well as aggression and excessive barking at certain people. Just taking small steps to start addressing each issue one by one. I’m gonna sign up and grab your free book! Thanks for this article!

  • Very nice. Wonderful video. I wish I found this info when I had my last dog. He was something to deal with! It seems the smaller dogs give the bigger problems..LOL. I do, though, totally agree that it is extreamely important to develop a spiritual connection with your dog, or any other pet for that matter, as they too are spiritual beings. So many people could use this kind of information, because so many are having to tolerate issues like separation anxiety, endless barking, darting out the door, and so on. They should know that they are not alone in the matter and help is available.

    • Thank you,

      you are soo right. Almost any dog related issue can be solved. The key is simply to learn how dogs function and to understand them. Once you understand what the problem is and what causes it you can find the right solution. If you do know somebody who could use my help, please send them to my site and I will do everything I can to help.


  • Hello. Learning to do dog training is a challenge all to its self. But you have a lot of great input on how to do it. I would have known some of the information that you have covered. You have a great video also. Having ads that show where to go for dog training. Great job!

    • Thank you. Dog training is not all that difficult but like with everything else: you have to know how. The online dog trainer will simply teach you how to train your dog so that you can do this job yourself.

  • Training a dog and their owner is a very special talent! I have trained several of my own dogs and know that it requires time, effort, and lots of love. I really like how you train without the harsh methods used by some. Dogs are very smart and respond well to lots of love! Thank you for the great information.

    • You are welcome. To me, gentle methods are really the only acceptable ways to train a dog, then there are few different strategies you can use. Dog training should be enjoyable both for the owner and also for the dog. I agree that dogs really feel that you love them and this makes them wants to please you and thus follow your instructions.

  • I really like Doggy Dan’s method of training. When you become the pack leader for your dog, they put all of their trust and love in you and learn how to behave from your love and encouragement. I think that is what Dan is trying to convey in his video about how beautiful the relationship with a dog can be.

    Doggy Dan provides training that is beneficial to the dog and the owners. It is all positive reinforcement training which makes training fun for the dog. I really see the benefits in his training and raising the perfect dog.

    Thanks for sharing this training! It is helpful for people that are new dog owner, as well as those of us that are seasoned too!

    • I totally agree with you. Doggy Dan’s method of training and the relationship he has with dogs is really touching and the results speak for themselves. Thousands of people have found success with his training, it is both  gentle, effective and also a lot of fun. Postive reinforcement is the way to go, and come to think of it, it is a great way to raise children as well. When you give love and encouragement, they are eager to please.

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