National Service Dog Month: The difference between Service Dogs And ESA’s

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Dogs has been in service of man kind since hundreds or maybe even thousands of years. They perform all kinds of tasks such as rescuing people in disaster areas, working for the police, as guide dogs for the blind and soo on. Dogs as well as horses has been man kind’s most important allies through history and in October we celebrate Service Dogs.

October is the National Service Dog Month and I have just found a post which I think could be of interest to many people. While it might be a little out of context of this blog, Service Dogs and Emotional Support Dogs are very important to many people.

In this blog post, you will find out about the many different tasks service dogs perform ( for example blind dogs and rescue dogs but there are many others as well). You will learn what really classifies a Service Dog and the difference between a Service Dog and an Emotional Support Dog and how Support Dogs are considered by the law.

There has been some confusion around this subject as many people don’t know the difference between a Service Dog and an Emotional Support Dog. This have led to contradictions and even lawsuits when people have tried to take their Dogs into public areas where dogs normally are prohibited with the excuse that their dog was a “Service Dog” and that they should be allowed to bring it in.

With people trying to bring in “fake service dogs” this has made it difficult for people with disabilities (who has real service dogs) who really need their dogs to get into public areas such as sport arenas, theaters and airplanes.

So, learning what a Service Dog really is and what kind of tasks it can perform can be really useful. Maybe you have a Service dog yourself? Or maybe you know someone who does? Whether this is your case or not, Service Dogs are very important for many people but in some cases they are difficult to get for the people who need them (people with disabilities for example) This is due to the fact that Service Dogs need extensive training and this training costs therefore the funding often lacks.

We can all help in getting more service dogs trained for people with disabilities. Learn how you can do your part.

You will find the post about the National Service Dogs on the blog page of the Online Dog Trainer. You can reach it by clicking on the image below.

National service dogs month
National service dogs month

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