New Video – Puppy Dog Training by Doggy Dan

Hi everyone,

just wanted to say that I have added a new video. This video is a virtual tour of the puppy section of Doggy Dan’s Online Dog Trainer. You will find this video under the section “Free Videos” on my site. Here is the video: Puppy Dog Training  by Doggy Dan

It will give you an idea of what the Online Dog Trainer is all about and most importantly: It will show you how this can help you train your puppy. Soo if you have a puppy or is about to get one then I can really reccomend that you take a good luck at this  video. There is no easier or faster way to train your puppy.

If you want to take a look at this video just click on this link.

As always, if you have any questions or comments just write them below

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  • Anything that helps you understand your pet’s behavior is a blessing. I am a cat person myself. I like videos that help me understand my cat, so I can see why dog owners would like videos helping them comprehend dogs. It is great that Dan speak’s from his own experience with his dog, from puppy to adulthood. Dealing with dog issues the right way can make the bond between master and dog strong.

    • Yes, Doggy Dan has several dogs himself and he has been a professional dog trainer for many years, so he has both tons of personal experience as well as knowledge about puppies and dogs. I used to have a cat myself and I learned a lot simply by observing him and by talking to other cat owners. Nowadays we have a ton of videos and like you say it is really a great way to learn and understand their behavior.

  • Great video! Easy to follow tips that I wish I had when my dog was a puppy. Being able to deal with “behavior issues” is also a much needed and welcomed addition as, just like with children, attempting to do so the wrong way can lead to an unhealthy relationship to say the very least.

    • You are soo right. In fact it is actually  simple to train a puppy but like with everything you have to know HOW. You have to understand why dogs do certain things and then by using a few simple techniques you correct their behavior. Being well prepared is very important when getting a dog or puppy.

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