Online Dog Training


Online Dog Training
Online Dog Training

Online Dog Training. How does that sound? Stupid? Weird? Unrealistic? How do you train a dog online? We have become so used to using various online services such as shopping and booking and buying train or airline tickets that we might have lost touch with reality and come to the conclusion that everything can be done online, or have we?

When I have been writing about online dog training before some people have admitted to me that when they first heard of it, they found it absolutely ridiculous. Dog Training Online, how is it really possible? Well it really is possible, but only if it is done correctly. In this post I will explain what Online Dog Training is and how you can use it to train your dog and deal with various dog related problems you might have encountered.

No dog can be trained on the internet, but the internet can be used to show a dog owner how he or she can train his or her dogs using images, videos and giving support via a forum, chat or e-mail. There are both advantages and disadvantages using this form of training and in this post I will go in to detail with this and I will also show you where you can find the best Online Dog Training.

How does online dog training work?

If, you have problems training your dog or if you have a specific problem with your dog, such as excessive barking, pulling the leash or unwanted chewing, then you would try to find a way to solve this. You could for example search for a solution on the web, buy (or borrow from the library) a book on dog training. Now, you might very well find the solution here. With good instructions you might be able to solve your problem. But what if you can’t? If, you find the solution to your problem n the web or in a book but you just can’t make it work, what do you do then?

Well, in this case a lot of people would search for professional help. So the next step would be to find a professional dog trainer in your area who can help you with your problem. If, you have a good one nearby and you can afford the cost then this is a good solution.

However,…….What if there is no good dog trainer in your area? Or what if you can’t afford the cost? A professional dog trainer coming to your home to help you with your dog is not going to be cheap, especially if your problem is one which takes many weeks to solve. Furthermore, if you live far from a good dog trainer you might have to travel to him/her and this will take both time and money and you have to fit it in with the rest of your weekly schedule.

Doggy Dan The Online Dog Trainer
Doggy Dan
The Online Dog Trainer

This is the situation where an Online Dog Trainer becomes a great option. With an online dog trainer, you will train your dog, in your own time, in your own home and when you need support, this is always available.

Now this is how online dog training works. A dog trainer will show you how he/she does when training a clients dog by showing you a video. In the video you will be able to see exactly what the dog trainer does and he/she will explain exactly what he/she is doing. This is the second best thing to be there in person and it is an easy way to learn.

Here is a video of  Doggy Dan (the online dog trainer) showing how to deal with a dog who is aggressive towards visitors. If you want to know more about Doggy Dan you can find more info here.

As you can see, this is quite easy to understand and all you have to do is to copy what he is doing.

But what if it does not work for you? What if you do like the trainer in the video and you still don’t get the desired result? This is the beauty of an online dog trainer compared to just learning from a book. A good online dog trainer offers good support so you can get help when you need it. In the next session, I will explain how this works.

How to get support from an online dog trainer

The Online Dog Trainer
The Online Dog Trainer Forum

Depending on the online training system you join, there are a few different ways you can get support from an online dog trainer. The most common one is the forum. In a member forum you can ask questions about your particular problem and get answers either from other members or from the dog trainer himself. The dog trainer should always be available to help you when needed. You could also mail the dog trainer or contact him/her using chat or skype. Good support is the core of any good online dog trainer so this is something you should look for.

To make the best use of the dog trainer you could for example film your dog and your training session with it. You can then post it on the forum so that the dog trainer and other members can see it and give you advice on what is wrong and what you need to do. This really is then next best thing to bringing your dog to the dog trainer, something which might not always be possible due to cost, time, and distances.

Comparing an Online Dog Trainer and a Personal one.

I have briefly covered this already but I thought I should point out the advantages/disadvantages with an Online Dog Trainer compared to a personal dog trainer.

One advantage with an online dog trainer is that the training is always available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You don’t have the problem of having to adapt your own daily schedule to that of the dog trainer. You can train your dog whenever you want and whenever you have the possibility do so. All the video lessons and the forum are available to you, on your phone, tablet or laptop and these you can bring with you wherever you go. It is also important to keep in mind that whether you use an online dog trainer or a personal one, you are the one who has to do the work. Your dog needs to learn to OBEY YOU, the dog trainer is just there to show you how.

You can for example not give your dog away to a dog trainer and then get it back fully trained. In this case the dog might very well obey the dog trainer but it might not obey you.
The other advantage with an online dog trainer is the cost. Hiring a professional personal dog trainer can become very costly and furthermore you might not have close to your home. An online dog trainer will set back around 40 dollars a month whereas the price of a personal dog trainer will be more than that for one hour. Sometimes prices go as high as 100-200 dollars, it all the depends on where you live and the experiences and merits of dog trainer in question.

The good thing with having a personal dog trainer is that he or she can first show you how to do things and correct you right away if you do any mistakes.
There is also some situations where you are better of with a personal dog trainer than an online dog trainer. For example if you have a big strong dog who is getting aggressive towards you. This is a problem of domination and can lead to a dangerous situation. In this case it is better to have the help of personal dog trainer.


To sum things up, this is what I think. If, you have a really good dog trainer living nearby and you can afford the cost then by all means go for it. Having someone who can personally show you how things are done is absolutely great.

However, if you can’t afford the cost of personal dog trainer or you don’t have one in your area then online dog training is great alternative. Watching videos of a professional dog trainer working with clients dogs and at the same the explaining what he is doing and why he is doing it, is an easy and simple way to learn. Should you encounter any difficulties, the dog trainer is available via the forum or by mail.


Online Dog Training
Online Dog Training

If, you are interested and want to know more, this is what I suggest: Read my review of the Online Dog Trainer and take a look at the dog training videos on this site. You will find them underneath the title: Free Videos. If, you scroll down you will find various videos by Doggy Dan. Doggy Dan is running the website The Online Dog Trainer and this is in my eyes the best online dog training site you can find on the web. He offers a 3 day one dollar trial as well as a 60 day money back guarantee.

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  • I understand your training tip about being the pack leader. My girlfriend has trouble with our two puppies. They don’t like to listen to her, because she hasn’t established herself as their pack leader Your site is very informative and well put together. I would like to see tips on how to stop food aggression.

    • Hi there and thank you. If your girlfriend establish herself as the packleader, like you mention, her two puppies will very soon start to listen to her. You can find more information about establishing yourself as the packleader in this post: How to become the packleader of my dog.

      A post on food aggression will come soon.

      All the best.


  • Hi, Jojo.

    I’ve learn a lot from a professional dog trainer by online. They always gave me a tips that I never thought before. And it’s true, I can save a lot of my money and time. Other than that, I can see my dog enjoyed so much all the training sessions that I gave him. So I would say, I recommend this online dog training.

    • Hi there,

      I am happy to hear you have been successful with your dog training. Online dog training really is a good alternative for many people and you are right, dog training can be a lot fun both for the owner and the dog.

      I wish you all the best


  • This is awesome! I never thought that you could actually train a dog online. I love dogs so much, but right now I can’t afford to have any where I live. This website is very cool for people living in rural areas that are not able to get access to quality dog training.

    • Thank you,

      well you can not really train dogs online but you can learn dog training online so that you can train your dog yourself.

      Kindest regards,


  • I have to admit I had my suspicions when I read the title of your post, thinking how in the world am I going to get my Boo to it down in front of my laptop and stay interested in the lesson. But as I read on you give excellent advice in the article about how online training videos can supplement or even replace traditional self help tools for dog training. Boo is now trained. but I will use your suggestions when my next fur baby comes into my life.

    • Yes, I do suspect a lot of people get sceptic when they hear about Online Dog Training. But of course the dog is not trained online, it is rather you who is trained online (with support from a dog trainer) and then you use the knowledge and methods learned to train your dog. I find it easier to use than a simple guide book.

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