Secrets to Dog Training by Kingdom of Pets


Secrets To Dog Training
Secrets To Dog Training

So here is another guide on how to train your dog. There are plenty of them around. Most of them do keep what they promise while some don’t. I have taken a good look at Secrets to Dog Training by the company Kingdom of Pets to see if this could be something worth buying.

Kingdom of Pets is a company which sells resources for a number of different pets, not only dogs, they also have books about cats, tropical fish etc. It all started out with dogs though, in 2004. The company is based in Christchurch, New Zealand.


Secrets to dog training is an e-book of 256 pages which covers most dog training issues. The book starts with new owners advice such as how to choose a dog or puppy, the best place to buy/get one from, information about different breeds etc.  and how to prepare your home before the arrival of your new dog. The book covers housebreaking and also how to deal with various dog related problems (like the ones you will find on my website) chewing, pulling the leash, separation anxiety and so on.

There is also a section on dog whispering. Dog whispering has become largely known to public thanks to the tv series where Cesar Millan (the dog whisperer) is helping people with their various dog problems. Dog whispering is about how to communicate with your dog (using body language and expressions) and also taking the leader role of your dog.

With Secrets to dog training comes five more books covering how to deal with dog aggression, nutrition, how to be the Alpha dog and soo on. There is also 30 minute video where different training methods are shown and even a forum where you can ask for help, should you run into any problems. All in all it seems like a rather complete training guide on both dog training and dog ownership in general.

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 How the Secrets of Dog Training is organised

Secrets To Dog Training
Secrets To Dog Training

The book has a total of nine chapters divided into three different courses. The first course (which contains chapter one to three) is about getting prepared to the arrival of your new puppy. It is very comprehensive and complete. It starts out by asking you some questions about your lifestyle, your personality and economy. This is to help to figure out if you have the time and money to own a dog and also to help you choose the most suitable dog for you.

The first chapter is organised like this. It talks about dog ownership and you, that is what you need to consider when getting a dog, different breeds of dogs, where you should you get your dog from, responsible ownership,  and finally a summary of everything. It is really about preparing you for dog ownship. There are a lot of considerations to make when getting a dog and this first chapter goes through all this.

Finances is one thing it goes through, as dog ownership does cost money. It then goes through choosing your breed of dog, as different breeds of dogs suits different personalites and lifestyles.  It explains different types of dogs, their backgrounds and needs. This is to help you choose the right dog for you.

It also goes into depth on how to choose your puppy, where to get it from, how to prepare your house for the puppy and finally an introduction to different dog training methods. All in all a very complete chapter, there is really nothing I miss from it.

The second section of the book, containing the next three chapters is about understanding your dog, various problems you might encounter with your dog and then how to teach your dog basic commands. The first chapter is about understanding your dog. It explains brieflly how dogs live in the wild and how their hierarchy works. It then goes into explaining how dog uses his/her senses and how they use their body language and facial expressions to express themselves.

The next chapter deals with various dog related problems, such as aggression, unwanted chewing and soo on.  The final chapter of this section is about teaching your dog basic commands, such as sit, come, heel, seek etc.

In the third section of Secrets to dog training they go deeper into to dog training and also covers various health issues. The first chapter is about “dog whispering”. (known to public largely thanks to the tv series with dog trainer Ceasar Millan). However dog whispering has been around for a long time and is being used by a lot of dog trainers.

The first chapter of this section gives an introduction to dog whispering. It explains what it is, how it works and the advantages and disadvantages of using this method. The second chapter is about health related issues such as fleas, heatstroke, co-habitation dog/cat, worms and various other things. The final chapter of Secrets of Dog Training is about more advanced training.

Training philosophy

102a-chewingThe training philosophy of the Secrets of Dog Training is a one built on rewarding good behavior and ignoring bad. The methods used are gentle. They are based on the fact that the dog owner needs to establish him or herself as the packleader and the dog will then follow.

Secrets of Dog Training is against harsh treatment such as the use of electric collars and choke collars or prong collars. Alternative training methods are being presented instead. These include “dog whispering”, whistle training, clicker training, reward training etc. The training philosophy of The dog training secrets is gentle, modern and effective.

General Impressions

My general impressions of Kingdom of pets is very good. This guide is  complete and really gives you all the information you need when you are getting a dog or puppy. It also goes through how dogs function, why they do like they do and how to use various training methods. The language and explanations used are easy to follow and to understand.

The way the book is organised makes it easy to use and follow. It  is written by dog lovers, the training methods they describe are both gentle and effective and are in many ways similar to those in Doggy Dan’s Online Dog Trainer. The only thing I really miss with the Kingdom of pets are some videos. It is easier to learn by watching videos than by reading text and watching pictures. You can get Secrets to Dog Training Here.

The Forum

With Secrets to Dogtraining also comes access to their forum. The forum is a place where you can get help with anything related to your dog. The owner (or in some cases other members) will then answer your question. I have checked it out and it really is good. The forum is an active one and all questions gets answered. This is really a strong point of Secrets to dog training. With many dog training guides you do not get any support so if you run into problems or if you don’t understand something you are on your own. Secrets to dogtraining offers good support via their forum.

The bonuses

With The Secrets to Dog Training comes six additional bonus books. While this is too much material to give a complete reveiw on each one, I will briefly go over what each one is about and my general impressions on all of them.

The bonus books are:


Meals for your dog This books gives recipies on all kind of healthy foods that both you and your puppy/dog can enjoy, here is everything from meatloaf to pancakes, sushi, asian foods, as well as snacks, cookies and soo on. There is also a list of ingredients that should not be used when cooking for a dog.





Quick Guide to Dog Aggression_v5A Quick Guide to Dog Aggression, This is a short guide explaining why dogs become aggressive and what to do about it. There is a short list of breeds that might be a little more troublesome than others and also few letters from readers with different dog aggression problems.




Secrets to Dog Training
Secrets to Dog Training

Dog Grooming Made Easy,
is about taking care of your dog,s claws, teeth and coat. It explains the preparation, needed equipment, and also gives tips on how you when caring for your dog, can discover health problems by carefully observing and checking your dog’s body.





Security_Training_v5Tips on How to Security Train Your Dog, This one is about training your dog for guarding or protection. It covers how to choose a breed suitable for this kind of work, how to find the right puppy and the use of a professional trainer to train the dog for protection.




Secrets to Becoming the Alpha Dog,
This is probably the most important of all the bonuses.  This short book gives you the principles and methods to establish yourself as the Alpha Dog, the leader of your dog. This is the base of all dog training, your dog must see you as the leader in order to follow your commands. This is why this is soo important, you need to be your dog’s leader in order to train your dog.



All the House Training Methods & Tricks
is about getting your dog house trained and clean. It contains a few different methods on how to acheive this, as well as tips on feeding and walking, rewards and soo on.




The bonuses is a useful addition to the book, the most important one being: how to become the Alpha Dog. As being your dog’s leader is essential in order to train it, this is important reading. The recipe book seems like fun at least if you like cooking. The dog grooming book is good as well but I do miss some images. It is a little hard to understand what to do simply by reading. Then there are: How to security train your dog, A quick guide to dog agression and All the house training methods and tricks. All of these are useful addtions to the main book and provides some useful information about these important subjects. All I really miss is a few more illustrations or videos. These would make it easier to learn.

Summary and Verdict

103b-bondingAll in all I would say that the Secrets to Dog Training by Kingdom of Pets is a good buy. It offers a lot of value for money. Practically all issues of dog training and dog ownership are covered. The methods described in this book are both modern, effective and gentle for the dog, no doubt the writer knows what he is talking about. The forum is an important addition to the book. Being able to get help when you need it is priceless and makes Secrets to dog training different from most dog training guides. You can get Secrets to Dog Training HERE

The only thing I am really missing here are some videos. Being able to see how training is performed by seeing it on video really makes it easier to learn. Now Kingdom of Pets also sells a “multimedia package” which apart from the Secrets of Dog Training also contains 8 training videos (and a number of different books covering dogs health, housetraining, and all the other bonuses included with the Dog Training Secrets e-book).The Multimedia Package costs 99.95 and you can also order only the videos for 59.95. I will do a review of the Kingdom of Pets dog training “Multimedia Package” soon.

So to summarize, the Secrets to Dog Training is an excellent dog training guide which apart from dog training gives you just about everything you need to know when getting a dog. It is well written, easy to understand and it is clear that the writer does know what he is talking about. If you are about to get a dog or if you would like to learn more about your own dog, then Secrets to Dog Training is a great choice.

Here is a link to their website: Secrets to Dog Training

However if your main concern is the training then I would suggest you take a look at the Online Dog Trainer. The online dog trainer site contains over 250 videos dog training videos made by professional Dog Trainer Doggy Dan. Seing him work with clients dogs solving various problems is a simple way to learn how to train your dog. Just like The Secrets of Dog Training there is a forum where any question you might have will be answered by Doggy Dan himself. Both the Online Dog Trainer and The Secrets of Dog Training are excellent dog training guides. The main advantage with the Online Dog Trainer is the videos which makes the whole process easier to understand. You can find my review of the Online Dog Trainer here.

I hope you enjoyed this review and as always if you have any questions please ask them below.




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  • I’ve been looking for something like that for a long time. I was in a shelter recently and saw a dog in it (German shepherd), I immediately thought that he must belong to my family. I am the owner of this dog now and I do not know how to train him and take care of him. I hope this book will help me with this. Thanks for this review.

    • I wish you the very best of luck and hope that things will turn out really well for you. It really is a good thing to take care of a dog in a shelter. With some work and patience you will get a great companion.

      If there is anything I can do to help you, feel free to contact me at any time.

      Kindest regards,


  • My sister has a pomeranian that isn’t exactly trained… She shows me she understands what I’m asking of her but rarely does she do what I’m asking of her; like not to bark whenever I leave the house. However, I think some issues could be linked to anxiety. She is the only dog in the house so when she barks over that, it makes me think she’s scared to be left alone. Is this something the e-book talks about? I want to learn how to make her feel safer when she has to be alone for a few hours and also so that she does not react to every new person as a “threat”. Thanks!

    • If your dog suffers from “separation anxiety” (that is scared when being left alone) it is often because the dog does not see you as the Packleader. If your dog does not consider you as the packleader she will consider herself the leader of the pack and as such it is her responsibility to ensure your safety. If you leave her alone, you will be out of reach from her and thus she can not protect you. This is will be the cause of a much anxiety and most propably the reason why she is barking soo much when left alone.

      In the wild a dog does not leave the pack to wonder of alone. Only the Packleader will do this. If you establish yourself as the packleader your dog will no longer feel responsible for your safety (she will still protect you in danger though) and she will be much calmer when being left alone.

      Establishing yourself as the packleader is really the first step you need to take when training your dog. A dog who sees you as its leader will obey you, it is as simple as that.

      Here is a post explaining on how to become the packleader of your dog. I hope you will find it useful.

      Good luck and feel free to contact me if I can be of help.


  • This reference book should be part of every dog owner’s library. I had a rescue dog that came with many behavioural issues and the vet had classified him as a dangerous dog. Through extensive training and perseverance on my part he became one of the most lovable and friendly dogs that I have every owned.

    Thank you for provided a review on “Secrets To Dog Training”


    • Thank you. With training, patience and perseverance you can come a long way. Almost any dog can be trained even if that dog has serious problems, there is practically always a way to change a dog with troublesome behavior into good loving companion. Secrets to Dog Training can certainly help with this.


  • Hi Jojo,
    This program sounds like just what my household needs. We’ve had our dog for almost a year now, and my husband have I have different training techniques. I think if we can get on the same page it might help the dog’s behavior. I hope it discusses how important consistency is, everyone here needs to hear it!

    • Yes, this book does put emphasis on consistency. If is very important that everybody in the household does the same thing. If one person allows the dog to do something where as another forbids it then it is not going to work. Consistency is important. 

      I suggest you get the Kingdom of Pets and then you sit and discuss which methods to use and which rules you want your dog to follow. It is practically always possible to change a dogs behavior, even if the dog is old and has established some bad habits. You just need to do a little work and to be patient and you will succeed.

      Good luck and if you need some help, just drop me a line.


  • Thank you for such a thorough review of this book. My mum is having some major behavioural problems with her dog at the moment. It is to the point that she is looking at surrendering him because she isn’t coping with him. I will definitely recommend this book to her in the hopes that she can resolve the issues with him so she doesn’t have to surrender him as she really loves him.

    • Tell her not to give up. Kingdom of Pets can certainly help her out. They also have a very active forum so if she has any problems, the people at Kingdom of Pets will most certainly help her out. I am also here to help only need to drop me a line or write another comment and I will do whatever I can.


  • This is a very thorough review of the book and also some great insight into what makes a good dog training book. It seems like you have a lot of passion for the topic! I have always owned a dog (except for when I was in college) and training is so important for good behavior! My current dog is a small boston terrier and she is so smart, it’s unreal how fast she learns things! I have found that starting with the basics and working up to more after they master those is the best approach. Otherwise it gets too confusing for them to learn everything! What is your experience?

    • You are absolutely right. Just like us humans have learn how to crawl before we can learn how to walk. Start with the basics and then make exercises more and more difficult. You got the right approach.

  • Great article! I enjoy reading over watching training because I get to perform the action as I understand it instead of acting like the person on the screen. I have a 4 year old Lab/ Whippet mix who still thinks she’s a puppy and I have a hard time with her on the leash. She’s always pulling whether it be other dogs or birds. I think this series of books will help me find the motivation I need to get her leash work right. Do you agree? Does the series address older dogs?

    • Yes, the series do address both older dogs and puppies and they also have forum where you can get help if you need it.  I would also recommend that you  take a look at the Online Dog Trainer. The Online Dog Trainer is a video based online dog training site where you learn by watching dog trainer Doggy Dan work with clients dogs. You can also get help easily through the forum where Doggy Dan is always present to answer your questions. Here is a link to my Review of The Online Dog Trainer.

      Here is another link which goes to a post I wrote on how to get a dog to stop pulling the leash. It also features a video by Doggy Dan. I hope you will find it helpful.

      Finally, if you have any other questions or if there is anything I can do to help, please feel free to contact me any time.

      I wish you luck.



  • This looks like it’s a wonderful guide. I feel like a lot of brand new dog owners should definitely read something like this at least once.

    As you mentioned too, it’s super important to choose a breed based on you lifestyle. It’s so common for people to get a very active breed that they simply cannot keep up with.

    I’ve owned dogs all my life and I would definitely be interested to read what this book has to offer. Thanks!

    • Yes, it is really complete and there is a lot to learn from it even for someone like who have owned dogs all your life.

      You got a good point when it comes new dog owners. It is really important to well prepared before getting a dog and I feel that Secrets to Dog Training can be of great help to new dog owners.

  • Thanks for the very thorough review! It sounds like this book provides a great resource for training and owning a dog. I think it would even be beneficial for potential dog owners to get before they get a dog to become familiar with all the aspects of owning, and what dog might be best suited for them.

    It’s definitely something that I would consider getting when I get a new dog. My current dog went through a group training class, but I also had to do supplemental follow up with her to get rid of some of her bad habits. The whole multimedia package should provide the most benefit for someone like me that likes to learn by watching others, rather than just reading about it. Great review!

    • Yes, it would a good idea to start learning already before you get your dog. That way you will be much better prepared and can start out correctly from the beginning.

      I certainly could have used Secrets to dog training when I decided to get a German Shepherd many years ago (see my about me page) it would most certainly have helped me and would have been able to keep the dog instead giving it to somebody else.

      Just like you say, videos are a great way to learn and in the Multimedia Package you will find plenty of training videos. The best VIDEO based site though is The Online Dog Trainer with Doggy Dan. There are over 250 videos on his site and it covers practically anything you need to know.

  • Kingdom of pets dog training sound like a book for anyone new to owning dog or needs some help training their dog, some breeds are more difficult to train than others and this sound like a product which will help you with any problems you might be having with your dog.

    • It is important to get things right from the beginning. It will save you a lot frustration as new dog owner and thus I do reccommend this product to anyone who is about to get a dog or who already has one. One very strong point with this product is the forum, where you can ask questions and get help from a real dog trainer if you have a problem with your dog or its training.

  • Thanks for the review! I can’t wait until I am able to get a puppy, and will definitely need this tool. The problem with training puppies is that there are so many different ways and so much material out there that it makes it tough to know what really works and what doesn’t. I especially like the forum because let’s be honest, even if you use all the tools available, sometimes there are situations that you need to have someone take a second look at and get some advice for your dog. Thanks again!

    • You are welcome. I can most certainly recommend this training. It is both gentle and effective. Another one I could recommend is Doggy Dan’s Online Dog Trainer. I also has a forum and the training is based on videos so you can see exactly how Doggy Dan is working with clients dogs and how is dealing with various training issues and problems.

  • Clicker training was very effective for my little boston terrier named Sadie. She was not aggressive, but she was naughty. She would frequently jump up on people and would sneak around and chew stuff up. When I starting using the clicker /treat technique, it really improved her behavior. Thank you for the informative article.
    Take Care,

    • There are many different ways of training dogs, treat and clicker training is two of them. I am happy to hear this training was effective for you. The key to dog training is understanding your dog and then find the correct commands/methods to make your listen to you.


  • HI Joakim I just finished reading your review of the Secrets To Dog Training aka Kingdom of Pets. I found it to be a very in depth coverage of the product. I bought this product several years ago and to this day I will still drop by the forum. Also you should know that they do update their training and if you have purchased the product you are entitled to the updated material. The one book I keep going back to is “Secrets to becoming The Alpha Dog” This one manual is worth its weight in gold.
    I also like the fact that there are no monthly costs. This product is great for a first time dog owner and a long time dog owner. No matter how many dogs you have owned in the past you will learn something new from this product.

    • Hi Maureen,

      thanks for your input. It is nice to hear from someone who has personal experience of the program. The forum is great. I have checked it out many times and it seems to be a really active one. Secrets to becoming the Alpha Dog really is an imporant one. Before you have establish yourself as the “alpha dog” it is hard to teach your dog anything as dogs do not listen to you unless they see you as their leader.

      Learning is an ongoing process so there is always something new to learn and I am happy to hear that Secrets to Dog Training is being of help to you.

  • Great recommendation. We have a few dogs at my house and none of them are trained particularly well. (All maltese) I’ve been meaning to find a good dog training guide. Tell me, would you recommend this guide to me? I noticed that a third of the book is dedicated to finding the right dog, and I already have dogs. Is the rest of the information enough? The extra books look like a worthwhile addition though.

    • Yes, this book has all the info you need to properly train your dog. It contains all the basic dog training and also has the answer to most of the common problem you encounter when owning a dog. You also have the forum where you can ask questions, should run into to any problem. Another option would be to take a look at the Online Dog Trainer. The online dog trainer is a video based site where you learn by watching videos of dog trainer Doggy Dan work with clients dogs. It is a quick and easy way to learn. The online dog trainer is membership site where you pay a monthly fee for as long as you remain a member. The online dog trainer also has a forum if you need assistance.

      Good luck and if I can be of any help please contact me.



  • I have a big Riesen Schnauzer dog. She is strong, has her stubborn moments. Walking big dog like that is like walking with a tank!
    I wanted to teach her walk alongside me instead of in front of me and pulling me behind. Haha.
    Great detailed review! I really enjoyed it!

  • Jojo, this is another great article from you! I’m very pleased to read that the Secrets to Dog Training uses positive reinforcement training like I mentioned in my previous comment.

    Also, thank God for them to be against electrical collars and other harsh methods. It’s pure animal abuse! My old neighbor put an electrical collar on her whippet puppy and I couldn’t believe my eyes. First of all that tiny little guy was super calm and easy to reach and with hardly no fat and thin skin it must have been terrible painful for him. I begged her to stop using it, but unfortunately she had one of those dog trainers that want the dog to obey by fear and dominance. So horrible..

    Thank you for spreading the right and true way of training your dog! I hope all future dog owners sees your website and take your advice.


    • A dog who is rewarded with a positive response from its owner will do anything to please him/her. It is a far better method than to use pain and fear.

  • Hi Jojo

    I think far too many people rush into getting their first dog before really knowing everything that goes into the entire process (what breeds might be best for you, training, setting up your home, etc). This product seems like it would be very useful for someone wanting their first family pet!

    You mentioned that the online dog trainer would be better for someone trying to train their dog. Do you recommend a product that might cater to a specific breed rather than just dogs in general? I have raised three different breeds of dogs before in the past and all of them had much different personalities. The dog I own now is a boxer.

    • Hi,

      though it is true that dogs a very different depending on both the breed as well as the indivdual dog the training methods does not differ much. Some dogs are for example far more dominant than others. With such a dog you must work more on establishing yourself as the packleader and be very consistent in what you do. A dog which is less dominant (for example a Golden Retriever) requires less from its owner but you still need to establish yourself as the packleader and the dog still needs to be trained. There is no need for a breed specific dog training product (though learning about your breed can be very helpful) but you might have to adapt the training a little to suit the dog you train. Dogs (like humans) are individuals and this needs to be taken into consideration.

      I think the The Online Dog Trainer is a little easier to use as you can watch the training on video and thus exactly how it is done. But both the Online Dog Trainer and The Secrets to Dog Training are excellent choices. The online dog trainer is a membership site where you pay a monthly fee where as The Secrets to Dog Training is a one-time e-book purchase. I would recommend either of them.


  • Hi there, I find your information on dog training very interesting. I have a little dog myself, as a little puppy he was pretty easy to train, but still a few things I would like to teach him .
    Kingdom of Pets sounds like a resourceful company for providing good information for animals.
    I will be back to refresh my memory on your content. Keep up the good work.

    • Thank you. If there are specific things you would like to teach your dog. I suggest that you take a look at The Online Dog Trainer Review This dog trainining site is video based and I think you might find it easier to learn this way. For an example of a video from the Online Dog Trainer check under the title Free Videos and you will find a few videos from his site.

      Good luck


  • Wow great article and review. I have a dog website as well and I saw yours and had to visit. I love the in depth analysis of the training product. I was wondering if that training was worth the money because there are so many methods and training available on the market today. Sounds like I would be well to give it a shot. Thanks for the review and analysis

    • Hi Robert,

      thank you for your kind words. I do believe that this product is worth the money. It covers basically all aspects of dog ownership and is a good to use as a reference when there is something you wonder about. There is also the forum, where you can ask questions and get help if you have any problems with your dog or the training process.

      I found that even if there are a lot of training resources available on the market they often have a lot in common. The methods emphasized in Secrets to dog dog training reminds me a lot of both the training of Cesar Millan and of Doggy Dan. They all use a gentle approach to dog training consisting of awarding the dog for good behavior while ignoring him for bad behavior. They all point out the importance that the dog sees you as the packleader and they all teach how to make your dog see you as a leader.

      In my opinion Secrets to Dog Training is good choice. Another good choice would be the Online Dog Trainer by Doggy Dan. This one is completely video based and consists of more that 200 training videos. I do feel that it is a little easier to use and understand as here you can see Doggy Dan demonstrate exactly how he does when training a dog. Here is a link to my review of the Online Dog Trainer.

      Good luck and hope to hear from you again


  • What a great book. I am thinking to get a puppy very soon and I will need some advice. As you said, the book starts giving the new owners advice how to choose a dog or puppy, the best place to buy one from, information about different breeds etc. and how to prepare your home for the arrival of your new dog. So I strongly believe that this ebook will give me all the information needed before getting my puppy. Thank you very much!!!

    • You are welcome,

      Yes I do believe this book would be an excellent choice. You will find all information you need there and if you have any questions or there is anything I can do, I will be most happy to help you.

      Good luck


  • Great article. As a Vet tech and a dog owner, with lots of friends that have dogs, we are all looking for a little help with our dogs. whether it is about making them better family members or dealing with a real issue like aggression towards other dogs. I will share this article with them . I believe many of them will find it useful as well. thank you.

    • Thank you, so far everybody who has bought this product (as far as I know anyway) has been happy with it. It really is easy to follow



  • Hey

    I believe this is the book I was waiting for, I just had a fight with my wife about my dog.

    She is an American Bulldog, and this afternoon she ate my water hose…I was so angry, she is still a puppy (5 months) and I’m really tired of telling not to do things, and she is just not getting it!

    I need to try a different way now, maybe this book will help me to finally train her, I won’t give up on her, it’s my responsibility, I know I can do it better,

    Thank you for your info,



    • Hi,

      Don’t give up, you are not the only one who is struggling with raising their puppy Training a puppy is not that difficult once you know how. It does require time and patience but you can easily learn the methods needed to train your Bulldog. Maybe you can start by checking out my page on how to redirect unwanted chewing. Here is the link to that page:…. There are plenty of other articles on my site as well, check them out and if you need further help don’t hesitate to contact me.

      Finally, I do believe that Secrets to Dog Training can help you. You can also check out my review on the Online Dog Trainer by Doggy Dan. This is a good option if you prefer watching videos instead of reading a book. You can find both under menu Product Reviews.

      Good Luck!


  • Thanks for these resources. I use to have dogs growing up and I could never understand why they weren’t like other dogs. They would never accept being leashed. Looking back it was definitely a mistake in how we raised them. Now I’m getting a dog of my own and I want to do things right. These resources will help.

    • Yes, when it comes to dog training it is very important to understand the dogs. To know why they act like they do and how to show them things so that they understand what you mean. Dogs are dogs and people are people. What means something to you might mean something completely different to your dog.

      Take a good look at my sight, you will find a lot of information there, and if you have any questions just leave a comment at the bottom of the page.

      If you need further resources, I can really recommend either Secrets to Dog Training or the Online Dog Trainer. The Online Dog Trainer is a little bit easier to use thanks to the videos, but both of them work well.

      Good Luck


  • Hi Jojo,

    I enjoyed your topic. It sounds this dog training program offers a lot of different products for your pets other than just dog training. I think that’s great. I find the bonus ‘meals for your dog’ interesting.

    I can understand the lack of videos can make the training a little hard to understand by not being able to see how it’s done. I personally look for videos on the web myself if I’m looking for help because I want to see the step by step process.

    Great information, thank you for sharing.

    • Hi Rosa and thank you for your comments.

      I agree with you. Watching videos is actually the next best thing to seing the training in reality, it makes it easy to understand and copy. Of course each dog is unique soo you might have to modify what you see a little bit but basically the methods work on every dog.


  • This does seem like a very good book to have regarding dog training. You did a wonderful review and have piqued my interest in this book. I especially like the forum, where you can discuss issues with other dog owners. What a great tool! I don’t have new dogs, but I do have one that I have yet to get trained properly. This sounds like what I need.

    • Thank you!

      Yes this resource is good and easy to use and understand so it would be a good choice. The difference betweeen Secrets To Dog Training and the Online Dog Trainer is that the online dog trainer uses videos and the Secrets to Dog Training is an e-book. The Online Dog Trainer is a membership site where you pay month by month where as Secrets to Dog Training is an e-book for which you pay a one time fee.

      Whichever you choose I wish you good luck and if I can be of any help please contact me.



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