Stop Dog Aggression Towards Other Dogs!

Here is another video made by doggy dan on how to stop dog aggression towards other dogs. This problem can both be annoying and dangerous and it is important to give it your immediate attention

Why do dogs get aggressive towards other dogs?

There are several reasons why dogs get aggressive towards other dogs. It could be territorial, for example if another dog is approaching your garden, your dog might become aggressive as to defend his territory. He might also see the other dog as a threat to you and therefore wants to defend you. Another reason could be fear. A dog afraid of other dogs might respond to the perceived threat by becoming aggressive towards the other dog in an attempt to scare it away . Then there is hormones and dominance. When a male dog is looking for females he will see all other male dogs as competitors and then he will try to get other male dogs to move out the way.

Whatever the reason is for a dog becoming aggressive, it is important to find the cause and then the right way to deal with it. Dogs being aggressive towards other dogs is a common problem and there is a lot that can be said about it. but there are solutions soo be sure to check out the video by Doggy Dan above. Below you will find more info on what Doggy Dan is doing and how he can help you to solve your dogs aggression problem. Click this link to get Doggy Dan’s help to solve your dog’s aggression problem.

In this video Doggy Dan is showing a few simple techniques and exercises that can be used to make an aggressive dog calm down so he can safely interact with other dogs without it turning into to fight.

How to stop dog aggression towards other dogs.
How to stop dog aggression towards other dogs.

The first thing he does is to make sure the training can be done in safety. This means to put a muzzle over the dogs face and keep him on a leash.. With an aggressive dog no unecessary risks should be taken.

Secondly, he evaluates the dog’s energy level.  The aggressive dog (Called Tarna) is showing a high level of energy, he is pulling the lead, keeping his tail up he is stiff and strong and is showing a dominant aggressive stance. On a scale from one to ten, his energy level would probably be 7 or 8. To take him to meet other dogs now would be to ask for trouble.

The third step is to move away The aggressive dog is taken away from the other dogs for a while. This is to get him to calm down. The important thing here is to have patience and take the time it needs.  To further get the dog to calm down the owner uses a technique called “calm freeze”. To do this you crouch down and grab your dog gently underneath the chin. This technique is very effective  in making an exited dog calmer.

Then all the dogs in video are walked around where they can see each other but from a distance and without focusing on each other. They just walk around on the lawn. Then they are allowed to get closer to each other but without a direct confrontation. At this point Tarna (the aggressive dog) is much calmer (this can be seen on his body language) and Tarna can be allowed to get closer to the other dogs.

By letting them walk paralell to each other they can get closer and closer to each other without confrontation. Walking paralell to each other is just like when wild dogs (or wolfes) are moving along in a pack. On the other hand when a dog approaches another animal from the front it is often perceived as a threat or even a direct attack. Therefore when approaching an unknown dog it is better to approach it from the side than from the front.

Dog on a long lineAnyway, at this stage Tarna is much calmer so the next thing to do is to replace the leash with a long line (still need to be careful) and he is now soo calm that he can be taken to “say hello” to the other dogs. After being introduced to the other dogs the long can be dropped and Tarna is allowed to run with other dogs. Then the long line and the muzzle is taken of completely and Tarna can play confidently with the other dogs.

The video is showing a few simple techniques on what to do when a dog is  dominant and aggressive towards other dogs. Important to remember is to take your time, this process can not be rushed.  Let your dog get used to seing the other dogs from a distance without any direct confrontation. Once your dog is calm let him slowly approach the other dogs from the side. Take a look at his energy level, if he is pulling towards the other dogs, keeping the tail up and showing dominant behavior make sure to move back and if needed use the “calm freeze” method described above.

How to stop dog aggression towards other dogs.
Dominant dog

Tarna (the dog in this video) was aggressive because he wanted to dominate the other dogs. In this case it is very important that he sees you as his Packleader. When he knows that you are in charge and control he will calm right down and become much calmer and tolerant towards other dogs. Establishing yourself as the Packleader is the foundation of your entire relationship with your dog so this is the first step you should take when training your dog. Here are more tips on how to become the packleader.

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