Stop Dog Digging Under Fence – Useful tips

dog diggingThat many dogs are constantly digging is a well known fact but in some cases this creates great problems for their owners. Dogs dig under fences and then go into the neighbors lawn and create a mess there. In some cases destroying neighbors property or even worse if the neighbors has got other animals such as chickens or rabbits these may be in danger. And of course the most obvious problem of all: your dog is digging its way out and escapes from your garden.

So why do dogs dig, and how do you stop a dog from digging under your fence? There are many reasons why dogs dig in the first place. Some breeds of dogs have it in them. Dogs like Dachshounds and terriers are hunting dogs and they dig to find their prey. It could be when hunting rabbits or foxes for example. Many dogs are digging out of boredom or they are trying to escape.

It could also be something else on the other side of the fence that is tempting your dog to try to get to the other side. If you have a male dog on your side and there is a female on the other side then the strong surge of hormones is going to push it to the other side. Or it could be other animals your dog would like to chase, like a cat or chickens.

Soo, here are some tips on how to stop yourdog from digging under the fence.

dog-digging-a-holeIf your dog is bored it might simply want to dig itself out of the backyard. In this case making the backyard a fun place for the dog might be all that is needed to stop it. Make sure there are plenty of toys and things to do for your dog in the backyard. This way the backyard will be fun place to be and your dog will have a positive association to it. Also make sure there is shelter from rain and/or sun. If it is hot outside your dog might simply try to escape to find some shelter from the sun.

Make sure your dog gets plenty of exercise. A tired dog is less likely to spend energy on digging or other destructive behavior.

If your dog is of a digging breed, then make a place in the backyard where your dog can dig, this should be in a safe place and away from your fence.

Now in the case of a dog digging under fence there might be another reason to why your dog is doing that. Your dog might simply be looking for you. Yes that is right your dog might be searching for you and therefore desperatly digging his way out. If your dog is nervous and worried when you are about to leave your home then your dog might suffer from separation anxiety. A dog who is suffering from separation anxiety might be digging, tearing things apart, chewing his paws or show any other destructive behavior.

Separation anxiety is usually caused when it is not clearly stated who is the leader of the pack. You, as a dog owner should of course be your dog’s leader. Now if you have not shown your dog who is in charge it might see itself as the packleader. As a the packleader the dog feels that it must protect its pack that is you and your family. Now when you leave your dog gets worried because it can no longer see you and therefore not protect you, therefore his digging his way out to go looking for you.

If you show your dog that you are its leader it will no longer be worried about you leaving. It will consider you in charge and responsible for the pack and therefore it will remain calm when you leave and it will not go looking for you. If this the case with your dog then showing it who is the leader  will most probably solve the problem with your dog digging its way under the fence.

Usually if you find the cause of your dog’s digging then you can easily correct it. This is a better and more simple solution then simply blocking your dogs way out by installing a fence that goes under the ground.

If you have any questions or comments on this then please write them below, I will answer as quickly as I can.

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  • I have always wanted to know why my dogs in the past were digging and now I know why. Or at least some of the reasons. I think if you have toys around for the dogs to play with then this will discourage them. You can’t always be around so I think I will treat my dog to some toys for him to play with.

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