Stop Dog From Chasing Cars

Why do dogs chase cars?

border collie chasing carChasing fast moving things is a lot of fun for some dogs and some dogs chase just about anything that comes in their way. Sometimes this gets really troublesome and especially when they choose to chase cars or other moving vehicles.

The reason why dogs chase cars (apart from being fun) are varied. In some cases it is their territorial instincts, they try to chase intruders away from their home. Hunting dogs of course are running after prey and herding dogs might see the car as an animal from the herd that needs to be brought back home.

Car chasing dogs are often injured or killed in traffic accidents and they also cause accidents when cars are trying to avoid them. Giving chase is a natural behavior for a dog in the wild but in our world when they start to chase moving motor vehicules then it gets really troublesome. The noise of a moving car often triggers the dog’s will to give chase, and the dog gets soo exited that it is very difficult to stop once it gets moving. Let’s take a look at what can be done to prevent a dog from chasing cars in the first place.

Like always when it comes to an unwanted dog behavior, it is better to act right away then to let the problem grow and the behavior becomes a habit. You need to stop your dog’s car chasing and replace it with something else.


Cars chasing dog cartoonIf your dog has just started show interest in moving cars then the best way is to stop him/her right there. You need to redirect your dog’s attention on to something else that your dog finds entertaining. This is one way to do it: When your dog reacts to a moving car, interupt her by calling her name, when she turns to you give her a little treat, a toy or pat and stroke her. This way she will associate the car with something good from you. If she does not react when you call her name because she is giving the car all attention, block her vision by placing yourself in front of her, thus blocking her view of the car. Then giving her attention or a treat or toy.

If your dog is already chasing cars then you need to figure out why she is chasing cars, thus you have a better chance of finding a good prevention for it. For example: if your dog only chase cars outside of your home, then it is propably territorial, dog sees the car as a threat to his/her territory. If your dog is of a herding breed, then she might see the cars either as a threat to the herd and thus they must chased away or as a part of the herd and thus they should be brought back to the herd. Finally, hunting dogs might see a car as a prey it wants to catch.

What you can do to stop your dog from chasing cars

clipart dog chasing carIf your dog is only chasing dogs outside of your home then the safest way to stop her chasing cars would be to leash her or to build a solid fence around the property.

If your dog is of a herding breed then it needs a lot of exercise. Herding dogs love to work and must get plenty of exercise. You might be able to stop the car chasing by doing a lot of activities. You can for example enroll your dog in agility classes herding trials. Running and jumping after a frisbee is also good. The main point here is to keep her really busy and active as this will most probably make her less interested in chasing cars.

When it comes to hunting dogs who are chasing cars because they consider it to be prey, keeping the dog on a leash would be the easiest option when you are anywhere near traffic. Otherwise the thing here is to teach your dog to listen to the command “come here”.

If you can get such control over your dog then it can be used not only stop your dog from chasing cars but also to control him and stop other unwanted behaviors. The important thing here is to stop the chase early before the dog’s energy level gets too high and is near impossible to stop. Interact early, call your dog, distract her and get in her way.

Car chasing two dogs at scrapyardThe technique of re-direction is often effective when it comes to stopping unwanted behavior from your dog. By getting your dog’s attention and then re-direct its attention to something else you can often stop unwanted and/or dangerous behaviors.

When it comes to chasing cars, you need to use a leash as it will be very difficult to get a dog’s attention once it has really focused on the car, and no human can outrun a dog. So as soon as the dog shows interest for a passing car, call your dog, tighten the leash a little and give her attention by giving her a treat or toy.

To summarize, the best way to stop a dog chasing cars is prevention. That is to react when your dog starts to show interest in cars and to stop it developing into an obsession. If your dog is already chasing cars, try to find out why your dog is chasing cars. Once you have an idea of what it is, you can find the right method to stop your dog from chasing cars.

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    • Hi there,
      the comment you wrote seemed to have dissapeared but if I remember well you asked about a friend who had a dog who was chasing joggers and you wanted to know what to do about it.

      Here is some advice on that.

      First of all your friend needs to establish Him/herself as the packleader. The dog must really become obedient. Once this is acheived there are a few commands that needs to be taught and repeated until the dog knows them soo well so that he/she will perform them without hesitation. The commands are: Halt, Leave it and Come. The dog should also be taught to heel and be able to walk beside her/his owner without pulling.

      Now this is a bit of work of course but it is absolutely necessary in order to stop the dog from chasing joggers. Some dogs have really strong chasing instincts and you need to have really good control over the dog before you can let run without leash if you have these kind of problems.

      While training these things the dog needs to run on a leash.


  • We used to have a sheltie dog, the most obedient dog you could ever wish for. Full of fun and would obey your instructions to the tee until you walked her on the side of the road.
    We always kept her on a lead but she would bark and try to chase the cars but obviously the lead prevented her.
    I always thought it was fear of the noise that worried her and perhaps her territorial instincts led here to chase.
    Our only prevention was to keep her on a lead.
    Lovely dog never the less,

    • In some cases, keeping your dog at a lead is the best, easiest and safest option. Whatever the reason was for her chasing cars, whenever there is traffic around it is always better to make sure can control your dog, accidents happens soo easily.

  • Hey this is the technique that I used on my friends dog! except that he was scared of cars and he would try to dart away from them whenever we were out walking. I walk him while my friend is at work 🙂 So I fed him treats whenever a car was going past and he quickly go excited whenever a car came, knowing that he was going to get a treat.

    The problem now is that the vet says he is not allowed treats because of his weight. He doesn’t chase cars but he has started trying to chase runners!!! Toys don’t work as a distraction. Do you have any suggestions for her?

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