Stop my puppy biting – the biggest mistake we make

Puppies explore the world with their mouths and teeth so biting and nipping comes natural to them. However they need to learn what they are allowed to nip and bite and what they should keep off. This post will show you what most of us do wrong when we teach our puppies not to bite and you will see things from a puppy’s poi

The thing is that millions of people get this all wrong because they are actually encouraging their puppies to nip and bite. When puppies grow up they are encourged to gently mouth and bite our hands and fingers. Now the odd thing about this is that we are teaching them to something we don’t want them to do when they grow older and bigger.

So just imagine what kind of confusion this will create for the puppy. We teach them to genty mouth our hands and fingers and when they grow older we teach them that they bite too hard and then we want them to stop all together and if they continue to bite this is the worst thing they can do.

So for the puppy this is really complicated, they don’t understand why they are allowed to do this and then the rules change once they grow bigger. This is very common a lot of people do this but here is what you should do instead.

When your puppy is small you should already teach it the things you want it know and do once it gets older. It will be much easier both for you and your puppy if the rules does not change as the puppy grow up.

So here are the steps, somewhat simplified.

  •  Make sure your puppy always have chew toys available (even a piece of wood will do)
  • From the very beginning encourage your puppy to stay off your fingers, hands and clothes
  •  If your puppy mouths you then redirect them calmly onto something else•
  • If they continue to mouth place them calmly on the floor and make a little “yelp” noise. This will make the puppy understand they are hurting you.
  • If the puppy still don’t stop mouthing your hands, fingers and clothes, put them in time out for a minute or two.

These are simple, yet effective tips on how to stop your puppy from biting. Remember conistency is the key in all training. Don’t allow your puppy to do something you don’t want them to do later on. Get things right from the start and it will be much easier. However if you have already made the mistake and taught your puppy the wrong thing, don’t worry it can still be fixed, you just need a little patience.

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A Few important things to keep in mind

1. When your puppy is young (around 8 weeks or so) you should give him/her several chances if he/she accidentally mouths your fingers. It is only from the age 5 months that you can expect that they completely stay of your clothes and hands.

2. When you call your puppy over to you, keep a chew toy in your hand and give it to him/her when he/she comes. This is because we humans give affection using our hands and a dog uses its mouth. Without another option of something to mouth it will be hard for them to succeed.

3. If your puppy ignores your chew toy and start mouthing your hand stay calm and gently put your puppy on the floor. It is important that your puppy stay calm and don’t get over exited.


So to summarize: The reason why many of us gets a problem with biting/mouthing is that we encourage our puppies to do it when they are young and then we want to stop the behaviour once they get older and already have the habit. This causes a lot of confusion. So by discouraging (patience with little pups) biting/mouthing when from the beginning and redirect the biting/mouthing to a toy or other chewable object we can stop our puppies from biting.

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