Stop puppies food agression – video with Doggy Dan


Stop puppies food aggression
Stop puppies food aggression

There are several reasons why dogs become aggressive. It could be to protect his/her pack (your family) from danger, it could be to assert dominance and become the pack leader and the reason could also be to guard resources such as food. It is very important to tackle this kind of situation early

as it can get worse and become dangerous and your puppy could also become possessive of many other things such as toys or various other household items. It is of course easier to handle this kind of situation before your puppy grows big and strong. So here is a simple trick on how to stop puppies food aggression shown on a video with Doggy Dan.
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The reason for food aggression could be dominance (the alpha dogs eat first) and it could also be a question of guarding resources so that other dog and/or other animals don’t steal it, after all, in the wild, food is sometimes hard to get and you can not afford to get it stolen.
When it comes to puppies, the reason for food aggression is usually about guarding resources but if you let him/her get away with, he/she might later even challenge your role as the Pack leader, which is something you should never allow.
Below, you will find a video where Doggy Dan is working with a puppy who is aggressive around food and after the video I will give you some more tips and tricks on what to do about food aggression.

As you can see in the video, the method he is using is very simple. He is starting out with an empty food bowl and then he gradually adds food to it. This will make the puppy used to him having his hand there and he will associate the hand with food. It is very important not to do the opposite, that is filling the bowl with food and then taking it out. This really risks turning out badly so don’t try that.
Children should not be allowed to this. At least not alone, you must supervise a situation like this as aggressive behavior is something that must be taken seriously.

If you have an adult dog who is aggressive around food then this method should not be used as it can turn into a dangerous situation. A post on how to deal with an adult dog who is aggressive around food will come soon.

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  • I m so curiously what is going wrong in our household. I thought I would demonstrate to our dog that me and my wife are the pack leader to the dog. Or should it be just one person? That would be a surprise to me. Anyway, I hope I can fix the problem (barking) with the Doggy Dan. I always felt I should learn explicitly more about handling a dog. Because a dog in the house should be fun and just a good relationship and not something you have to worry about. Thank you for the knowledge and for showing a way out of the problem.

    • Hi there

      both you and your wife (and even your kids if you have any) should be the packleaders of your dog. It is very common that people (without knowing it) are sending the wrong signals to their dogs. They do things which makes the dog thinks that he/she is the packleader. For example, when you leave your house, you walk ahead of your dog because in a dogs world, the leader always goes first. Another example would be dinner time. You should always eat before your dog. A leader in a pack of wolf (or dogs) always eat before the others. I suggest you take a look at my post How to become the packleader of my dog, you will find more info there.

      Doggy Dan can most certainly also help help you with this issue. In fact becoming the Packleader is the core of his dog training and he has got a Free video course. You can sign up for it on his website:

      The Online Dog Trainer

      If I can be of any assistance, just write another comment or send a mail to:


  • I thoroughly enjoyed your post and the video you embedded into it. That was a nice demonstration with the dog accepting Doggy Dan’s hand near the bowl without aggression.

    I have an alpha female cat who starts to hiss at the two male cats if she thinks they are getting to close while she’s eating. She doesn’t share, whereas the two male cats will have both their heads deep down in the dish whereas they almost get stuck in there. There just enough room for both their heads. It’s pretty funny to watch.

    I have to watch my dog because he’s not too picky and will eat cat food. I training him by saying, “That’s not your food. This is your food. Eat your food.” And then he will. He’s pretty smart. He’s an 11-year old Shitzu.

    Do you have any recommendations for flea products?

    • Lots of dogs will eat almost anything, so it is not surprising that your dog is eating cat food. You have done a good job training him though. Telling him what he should not eat and then give him an alternative (his own food) is a great way of teaching a dog something. It the same as if you would teach a dog not to chew your personal belongings, you simply lead him/her away and give him/her something else to chew. Here is a video of Doggy Dan showing how to stop unwanted chewing.

      As for flea products, I suggest you check out this page, I am sure you will find what you need here.

      Ten best flea medications and treatments



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