Stop Puppy Jumping Up!

Stop Puppy Jumping Up

woman with dog jumping upIt is important to learn how to stop your puppy from jumping and this is something you should get into as soon as possible, preferably right away.

It is very natural for a young puppy to jump up when the are little. They do this to get attention and in the wild this is to done to be fed by their mother. They lick her and she regurgitates food. So when they are little this is a natural way to get attention and who can resist a little puppy? They are just soo cute when they do this and they very soon learn that by jumping they will get attention. The thing here is not to give attention to a puppy jumping up, even if they are adorable.

The reason why you need discourage jumping from an early age is that it it is not going to be soo funny anymore when the cute little puppy has grown into a bigger dog weighing 35 kg and reaches your head standing up. When big dogs jump up it often scares friends and neighbors as well soo teaching your puppy not to jump up is important and something you should get started with as soon as you can.

stop jumping upThere is another side to it as well. When a puppy grows bigger the jumping up will turn into a far more dominant way of demanding attention and it thus challenge your role as the packleader. You being the packleader is very important in order to both train and control your dog so therefore jumping up is something you need to stop when your dog is still little.

The thing is to ignore her/him. when your puppy jumps up, turn and walk away. Ignore your puppy, this means don’t touch her, don’t speak to her and don’t give any eyecontact.
You let your puppy calm down and after that you wait another five minutes before calling her.
If your puppy does not stop jumping up then you could isolate her either by leaving the room or by putting her in another room.
Puppy jumping up on visitors:

The same prinicple applies if you have visitors. Ask your visitors do just as I described above. You could also try to hold your puppy by its collar or on a lead until they relax – then you release her.  If your puppy is  mouthing you, then you should immediately isolate the puppy in a crate or in another room.
If your puppy is jumping up at you when you are getting ready for a walk:

In this case you need to get puppy calm before walking. Calmly put the leash down and wait for ten minutes or until the puppy is completely calm. You then try again to put the leash on her. It is important to stay calm and not rush even if you are keen on walking. Remember You are the one charge, not the puppy.
Important concepts to remember:

tecknad valp med koppel hopparIt is very important to stay calm – don’t say a word when your puppy jumps up. Don’t forget that your puppy is constantly seeking attention.
When your puppy is jumping up, it is not its way of saying I love you. For dogs, space is important and if your puppy can invade your personal space whenever she wants then she will loose respect for you and this can lead to other problems.
Imagine if a person were constantly to close to you, ignoring that personal space you need to feel comfortable. The situation with a dog constantly invading your space is more similar then you might think.
When you train your puppy always reward good behavior. When your puppy is calm you can pick her up and cuddle her. This way she learns that staying calm will be rewarded. Ignore her when she jumps up and walk past in a calm confident manner.
Avoid making these two very common mistakes:

Being inconsistant – sometimes you give your puppy attention when jumping up!
Making eye contact…This invites your puppy to come over, so don’t make eye contact, put your focus on something else.
Another trick that could be helpful is to train your puppy to sit in all situations! If you practice sitting a lot then her reaction when you call her to you will be to sit and not to jump simply be to sit when you call her, and not jump!

If you have any questions and concerns please leave them below.

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