Teach your dog to stay

Teach your dog to stay
Teach your dog to stay

Teaching your dog to stay might seem difficult but it is certainly “doable”. This is one of the basic commands to teach your dog and it is certainly a useful one as it will help you to keep your dog under control. Imagine for example the situation when you open your car and you have not yet put on the leash, then this command will be very useful. If you need to keep your dog away from a place or a room for some reason, the command stay will be also be needed.

Now many dogs don’t like being still, they have plenty of energy and also get distracted easily by things that happens around them. so ideally teaching this should be done in an environment free of distractions. When your dog masters the command stay it should work anywhere.

Here is how to do it:

  • Put a long leash on your dog and make your dog sit.
  • Put your hand in front of your dog’s face and give the command stay. In the beginning you could put your hand on your dog’s neck and lightly push it down, this is to mark what the command “stay” means.
  • Move away a half meter and make sure leash stays slack. If your dog stays and remains in this position then praise and reward it. Anything can be used as rewards, cuddles, play, treats etc. If your dog does not stay, do not react at all and start all over again.
  • When you manage to get your dog to stay then release some leash, give your dog the hand sign and the command “stay” and move away a little further.
  • You continue to give the command stay and each time you move away a little further. Try to move in different directions from your dog, that is move to both sides of the dog and to the front and the back.
  • When the dog master the command “stay” then try this without a leash.

Here is a video which explains how to do this.

Young PuppiesTeach your dog how to stay

Young puppies can also learn this command but it might require a little more patience, especially if your puppy is of energetic character. Just take your time and keep practice sessions short. If the puppy gets distracted and move around a lot, take a break and start over again.

Common mistakes

One common mistake many dog owners do is that mix the command stay and come: That is: they tell their dog to stay and then they give the command come. What happens then is that they break the command stay by giving the command come and this can confuse the dog and make the command less effective. Now once the commands stay and come are mastered you can of course tell your dog to stay and then to come to you but should not train these commands at the same time, they should be trained separately.


The command stay is one of the basic things to teach your dog and it is a little bit harder than the commands sit and lay down but once these two commands are mastered, getting your dog to “Stay” should not be too difficult. Remember to make sure that your dog understand what you are trying to teach it. Patience and calmness is important when training a dog. If you want to learn more, I propose you take a look at this site and sign up for a free 4-day video dog training course.

If you have any questions or want to share some tips and tricks on how to teach a dog the command stay, please leave them below.


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