The friendliest and cuddliest dog breeds

The kind and cuddly Golden RetrieverHi everyone,

when browsing the web I came across this post. It features a list of some of the friendliest and cuddliest dogs you will come across. While almost all dogs will make great companions, (it is not for nothing they are called man’s best friend). The dogs on this list are kinder and cuddlier than most. The breeds on this list vary wildly. From the tiny Yorkshire Terrier to the giant Irish Wolfhound, all these dogs are super friendly and cuddly and while some might be a little reserved among strangers they all love to be cuddled and caressed.

These dogs will make great family dogs, but most of them (with exception of the Australian Shepherd) will not be good guard dogs, but that is only natural. A dog loves everybody will not be able to guard well.

Naturally on this list you will find two of the most popular dog breeds in the World, the Golden Retriever and the Labrador Retriever, both excellent family dogs and faithful loving companions.

This list will give you an idea of which are the softest and cuddliest dogs but of course there are many other dogs that would also fit on this list, and I am pretty sure that if you asked a great number of dog owners about this then you would probably get many other suggestions of kind and cuddly dog breeds.

What do you think? Do you have any suggestions of other dog breeds that would fit this list of kind and cuddly dogs?

I found this post on the website and this link will take straight to the post:
The Kindest Dog Breeds To Adopt If You Want A Total Cuddle Buddy

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  • I have an Australian cattle dog and she is the biggest cuddler ever, she will force you to pet her and cuddle her, it’s really funny. Usually, cattle dogs are independent dogs out in the field all day but this dog is the exact opposite. The lab is a great cuddler as well, I have a yellow lab that is an 85-pound lap dog.

    • Yes, it is like some dogs become “addicted to cuddling”. They just want more and more. Of course dogs are also individuals so it is not simply a matter of breed but there big individual differences.

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