The Golden Retriever


The Golden Retriever needs no introduction to most people. The Golden Retriever is one of the worlds most popular dogs and the 3rd most popular dog in USA after its cousin the Labrador Retriever and the German Shepherd. It is originally a hunting dog and is used to fetch birds during hunting sessions.

The reason for its popularity is due to its kind and friendly nature. It is Retriever almost the perfect family dog. It is Retriever a friendly, easygoing dog who loves to play and have fun. It is Retriever a great dog for first time dog owners as it is “forgiving” for inconsistencies in its behavior training and eager to learn and please.

It is Retriever a very active and intelligent dog and it does need a fair bit of exercise and mental stimulation but if you can provide this he will be easy to live with. This dog is really well suited for obedience training and is often used as a guide dog for the blind, due to its calm and stable temperament.

If you need a guard dog then you should look elsewhere. It is Retriever like its cousin the Labrador simply can not guard. These dogs love all people and would probably welcome a burglar and show him where all the valuables are. On the other hand, you can be quite certain that your Golden Retriever will never be aggressive towards your friends and neighbors. They simply like people too much.


The Golden Retriever is a large and strong dog. Its coat is wavy and protects well from the cold when the dog is in water. The color is blond, yellow or gold. It is Retriever weighs between 25-32 kilos for females and between 30-34 kg for males. The height is between 51 and 56 for females and between 55 and 61 for males.

Golden Retriever comes in three different varieties. The British type which is common in Europe and Australia and then there is also an American and a Canadian version. The three version does not differ that much. The American type is a little lighter and less muscular than the other two and the Canadian version has a thinner lighter coat. All of these dogs are good for both hunting and as family dogs.


The temperament and the personality is what has made the Golden Retriever such a popular family dog. It is Retriever very dependable and trustworthy. This kind, fun loving dog is a perfect companion for kids to play with as the Golden simply love playing games. The dog has a lot of self-confidence and does not easily get scared but he does not look for trouble. As much as he loves people he generally gets along great with other dogs as well. On a list over the most aggressive dogs, the Golden Retriever ended up last together with its cousin the Labrador. This being said, you should always keep an eye on your dog when it is playing with kids or other dogs.

It is Retriever is generally easy to train. It is Retriever an intelligent dog who loves learning and it is very eager to please. A Golden Retriever can easily adapt itself to different homes and lifestyles as long as it gets enough exercise. It is Retriever a strong and athletic dog who needs both physical and mental stimulation. That being said, a couple of brisk walks, some playing with a ball and maybe a good run every week would be enough to keep it happy. Golden Retrievers (like many other dogs) have a tendency to become destructive and start chewing things if they do not get enough stimulation, so make sure your Golden gets its share of exercise.


Like already mentioned, It is Retriever is easy to train. Intelligent, eager to please, and it loves working. This has made the breed popular for such tasks as being a guide dog for the blind, a hearing dog for deaf, a search and rescue dog or as a hunting dog for retrieving game. It can be trained for a big variety of tasks, with the exception of being a guard dog which it due to its kind and gentle nature simply can not do.

Like all other dogs, the training of a Golden Retriever should start early, that is as soon as you get it home. A kind and gentle approach to training is the best way to train your dog. It is Retriever has a tendency to jump on people and also to chew a lot so these are two issues that should be dealt with early. For the chewing, you can find more info in this article: and for the jumping issue you can check out this post:
A Golden Retriever is not a dominant dog thus it is well suited to persons who do not have strong and dominant personalities, though sometimes you still have to show your dog who is the pack leader. Now, being the pack leader simply means that you show your dog that you are in charge and not him/her. This is fully compatible with a kind and gentle training approach to training. It simply means that you act in a way that a leader would. Calm and in control, and you lead the way. For example when you leave your house, you go first and your dog follows.
I will not get into specific details on training here as I have many other posts about how to train your dog and this post is about the Golden Retriever as a breed, but I would like to recommend a training program that will really help you make your dog well-behaved and solve any problems you might have with it. This program is called The Online Dog Trainer and it is a video based, step by step training program which will teach you how to train your dog by watching videos where the professional dog trainer Doggy Dan works with clients dogs. Included in the program is a forum where you can ask for help, should you run into any problems. The Online Dog Trainer has already helped thousands of people and I really recommend it. If you want to read more about it, check out my Review of the Online Dog Trainer. You can also go directly to his site and sign up for a Free mini course on obedience training or take his free 1 dollar 3 day trail. I am more than certain that you will be satisfied with Doggy Dan’s training.
The Golden Retriever
Unfortunately the Golden Retriever has (among many other pure breeds) a number of health problems. These include hip and elbow dysplasia, cancer, various eye problems and heart diseases. When buying a Golden Retriever from a kennel you should make sure that the kennel in question is a reputable one and that the puppy is screened for dysplasia and has a health certificate from a veterinarian.


It is Retriever has a thick coat of fur (to protect it when it is in the water) and tends to shred a little all over the year and about twice a year it shreds heavily. Daily to weekly brushing will lessen the amount of fur.


It is Retriever is like its cousins, the Flat Coated Retriever, Curly Coated Retriever, Wavy Coated Retriever and the Labrodor Retriever, retrieving dogs used for hunting birds. It is Retriever was first bred in Scotland in the mid 19th century. Various dogs were used to retrieve the birds being downed by hunters.

It is Retriever unknown exactly which breeds were crossed to create the Golden Retriever but the existing retrievers at the time were crossed with Water Spaniels. This was to make the Golden Retriever good for retrieving not only on land but also in the water.


It is Retriever will make an absolute great family dog. Its kind and friendly nature and fun loving attitude will make it an excellent choice for an active family. As long as you are prepared to give it what it needs in turns of exercise and attention it will give a lot in return. If you are interested in agility or would like to some more advanced training then the Golden Retriever will also be a great choice. It is Retriever very eager to learn and please and loves to work. It is Retriever a very intelligent dog so learning is easy.

However, if you need a guard dog then you should look elsewhere. Golden Retrievers are hopeless guardians. They are simply too social, too kind and friendly with just about everybody.

You do need to put up with having dog fur just about anywhere in the house, and also the typical doggy smell that is difficult to avoid when you have a dog with a long coat of fur. However, I am sure you will find it is worth it, the Golden Retriever is such a great dog.

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  • Hi, thanks for this great piece about Golden Retrievers! For me, I have always wanted a Golden Retriever because they seem the perfect blend of intelligence, loyalty and affection. What differentiates a Golden Retriever from the Labrador Retriever? Is it purely appearance or are there differences in temperament? (Also, I’m not sure why and it might just be a typo but you have the phrase ‘it is Retriever a good…’ in quite a few places- might be worth just checking that!

    • Hi there,

      There are not a lot of difference between Labradors and Golden Retrievers. Labradors are generally slightly bigger and heavier but the dogs are closely related. They are both of the Retriever family and are used to fetch birds during hunting sessions. Both are kind and gentle and will make great family dogs. None of them can guard though, they simply like people too much for that.

      I found an article explaining the differencies between the two breeds. I hope you will find it useful. Here is the link: Golden Retriever vs Labrador.

      As for the text of my post I will take a look at it and see if I can make it a little nicer. Thank you for pointing this out.

      All the best.


  • Hi! Nice article!! I love the Golden Retrievers, in fact, my whole family loves golden retrievers. My parents used to have one until he passed away a few years ago. Everyone loved him! He was super smart and friendly!
    I have a Maltese now, and I am thinking about getting another dog. I don’t have a lot of space at home, but there is a park nearby. Do you think golden retrievers require a large space? Also, do they do well in the hot climate (above 30 degrees Celsius)?
    Thanks for sharing the detail information about golden retrievers!

    • Hi,

      A small apartment is not the ideal for a Golden Retriever but it is possible to keep it in an appartment if you compensate with a lot of walking and playing. Physical exercise is really neccesary for a Golden Retriever as it is and athletic dog who was bred for working.

      Golden Retrievers are resistant dogs and they can stand hot weather fairly well.

      I wish you the best of luck.


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