The Online Dog Trainer Review

The Online Dog Trainer Review
The Online Dog Trainer Review

Overview: What is the online dog trainer and who is Doggy Dan?

Doggy Dan is a dog trainer living in New Zeeland. His real name is Dan Abdelnoor. He has been working with dogs for many years and since 2011 he is also running the dog training website; The idea with this site is that you should be able to train your dog yourself at home with the help of a number of videos showing you how to do it. Then if you have questions or problems you can get personal help via the forum included in the website. This review of the Online Dog Trainer will show you everything you need to know about the Online Dog Trainer and how it can help you with your dog.

Below you will find a video tour of the Online Dogtrainer website. This will give you an idea what the site is all about.

Go Here to visit The Online Dogtrainer

Having a good dog trainer (like Cesar Milan or Doggy Dan for example) coming to your house is great of course but not accessible for all people. The cost of a personal dog trainer is  high and depending on how many lessons are needed the bill can end up to thousands of dollars.

Another problem is that you might live far from a dogtrainer and you also have to adapt your own schedule (with work, kids etc) to suit the dogtrainer. So being able to train your dog yourself at home using instructional videos coupled with real support seems like a good idea. So I wrote this online dog trainer review so you can see for yourself if this is something that would suit you.

Doggy Dan The Online Dog Trainer
Doggy Dan
The Online Dog Trainer

The videos are the heart of the online dog trainer and there are over 250 videos covering just about every imaginable situation or problem. This is pretty unique and no other dog training site can compare with this. Being able to see the training being performed on video is the next best thing to being there in person. The videos show Dan in real consultations helping people training their dogs. What comes through is that Doggy Dan is not only good with the dogs but is also good at sharing his knowledge and making people understand their dogs.

Gentle and soft method endorsed by the SPCA.  

The method and training techniques used by Doggy Dan is gentle and soft and good for both the owner and the dog. In fact his method has been endorsed by SPCA of New Zealand. SPCA stands for Society for Protection from Animal Cruelty. It is the only dog training program that has been endorsed by the SPCA and if you check their website you will find a link to the online dog trainer. They are also actively promoting the Online Dog Trainer at all their rescue shelters. This is because they know that a dog coming from a shelter who is trained using the Doggy Dan method is not likely to be returned to the shelter again. This proves that the method is not only gentle but it is also effective as well.

Dogs problem behavior issues      

stock-illustration-33421246-dog-pulls-manThere is a big section dealing with various problems that dog owners might encounter with their dogs. Practically every dog problem imaginable is covered here. The important issue here is that you need to understand why your dog behaves like it does as there might be several different reasons to your dog’s behavior problem. Once you find the cause of the problem you will also find the solution. All of this is covered in this section. This  does not only solve the actual problem but also strengthens the bond between you and your dog.

Click This Link To Find How to Solve The Problem With Your Dog

The Dog Calming Code – This is where you start

There is a section in the Online Dog Trainer called the Dog Calming Code and inside of it you will find Doggy Dan’s five golden rules of how to become the packleader. This is an essential part of all dog training because your dog needs to see you as its leader before it will follow your command. Therefore this is where you should start. You go through and implement the five golden rules before you do anything else. Once your dog considers you its leader and obeys you, you can go on with further training.

The Five Golden Rules covers different things such as feeding, walking, attention etc. This is really dog psychology. The interesting thing here is that many things we do in our everyday life with our dogs means nothing to us but it means a great deal to your dog. To give you an example: Doggy Dan explains that in the wild, the Alpha Male and Alpha Female (the packleaders) always eat first, they control the food and once they have eaten, the other members of the pack can eat. The same thing should apply in your home, you are the packleader, you eat first then your dog gets to eat.

This is the kind of thing that is being handled in the packleader section, how to feed and handle your dog’s food, what to do on walks, how to handle a dog who always wants to get attention etc. If you handle these things right, your dog will see you as the packleader.

The Dog Calming Code contains several videos and once you have watched all videos in one section you mark it as complete and go on to the next section. It is all very well explained and easy to follow. Once you have established yourself as the packleader you can start training your dog or work on any behavior issue your dog might have.

Here is a list of some of the problems covered.

  • Dog Aggression
  • People Aggression
  • Aggression Towards Animals
  • Aggression Towards Objects
  • Barking On The Walk
  • Barking For Attention
  • Barking Around The Property
  • Barking In The Car
  • Barking When Left
  • Barking At The Door
  • Dogs Running Away
  • Separation
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Hyperactivity
  • Jumping Up
  • Jumping on Furniture
  • Pulling On The Leash
  • Not Coming When Called
  • Fears and Phobias
  • Obsessions
  • And much more…….

Special Puppy Training section

Dan-puppy-1In this section there are videos of a puppy called Moses. This is Doggy Dan’s own puppy and his training has been filmed from the age of 8 weeks until he is one year old. All the videos made are on the site and is especially interesting for anyone who has adopted a new puppy.

The puppy training section goes through everything you need to know when adopting a puppy. Things like toilet training, diet, meeting other dogs, preparing your home before the puppy arrives and many other things, such as for example common proplems like barking or submissive urination are covered. It is really a very complete guide to raising a puppy.

There is an introduction video to puppy training section which will show you which approach you should take when it comes to raising your puppy. Dan points out that in the beginning, puppies are practically “perfect” and with the time they pick up different habits. If you get things right from the beginning you can avoid a great deal of problems. Also in this video he points out the importance of showing the puppy that you are the packleader and not him/her.

You can find out more about the Puppy Section by watching the video below.



The online dog trainer forum          

The forum is the place where you can interact with other members of the online dog trainer or ask questions. The questions are answered by Doggy Dan himself or by his associalte  so can be sure to get help when this is needed. This is an important difference between the online dogtrainer and buying  a simple book or e-book on dogtraining. You can actually get help if you are having problems or if there is something you do not understand.

Doggy Dan now has the help av an associate by the name of Haley Wright. Haley is an experienced dog behaviorist who is using the same training philosophy and methods as Dogg Dan and she will be active at the forum and help Dan to answer members questions.

One on One Consultation

This is a new feature of the Online Dog Trainer. For an extra fee you can book a face to face video consultation with Haley Wright. That way you can speak to her and show her your dog in real time. If you feel like you need more personal assistance with your dog then this could be very useful. However it is not mandatory, you can do very well just using the standard fetures of the website and the forum as support. The one on one consultation lasts 50 minutes and costs 69 US$.

1 dollar trial and cost of the online dogtrainer             

You can get a 3 days one dollar trial before signing up for the program. This way you get a good opportunity to take a good look at the program before deciding if this is for you. If you cancel before the 3 days has ended you will not be charged anything more. If you decide to continue the price is 47$ a month and you can cancel at any time. There is also a 60 day money back guarantee so if you are not satisfied you will get re-imbursed.

To summarize; the online dog trainer is a smart alternative to a privat dog trainer. You can train your dog yourself, at home with the help of the training videos and with support of Doggy Dan himself via the forum. The methods used are simple, effective and gentle. This makes them good for both the dog and the owner. Doggy Dan really understands dogs and therefore he can can help you with just about any issue you have with your dog.

As you have both a 3 day one dollar trial as well as a 60 day money back guarantee you have really nothing to loose by trying it out.

Click Here to try out the Online Dog Trainer

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  • Hey, I enjoy a lot while reading your article on The Online Dog Trainer review. While reading I know that Doggy Dan is a dog trainer living in New Zeeland. He is also running the dog training website. There are lots of problem covered from the list. There are videos of a puppy called Moses. Doggy Dan’s own puppy and his training has been filmed from the age of 8 weeks until he is one year old. Keep the awesome work up.

  • Wow, this is great. You’ve talked at length about this program, and I’m really happy that I’ve found this post. I have a dog I took in recently that is very difficult to train. Maybe, probably that difficult comes from me because of lack of knowledge.

    He always wants to get attention and kind of overexcited each time I want to take a walk with him – jumping around and wiggling his tail. This has been giving me a lot of headaches lately.

    I was thinking of employing a dog trainer to deal with this, of which was expensive, before I came in contact with your article. Amazingly, the fee is nothing to compare when getting the service of a professional dog trainer. Thank you for this. I’ll definitely try this program.

    • Hi Leon,

      happy to hear from you. Personal dog trainers do tend to get expensive and the thing is that you never know how many lessons are needed. It depends on the nature of the problem and the skills of the dog trainer.

      Often, when you run into problems when training your dog it is simply because you don’t know how dogs function and how to train them. This is very common but fortunately dog training is generally quite easy to learn.

      If your dog always wants attention and you always give him attention everytime he demands it then he will continue to constantly bother you because he knows it works and he knows he will get attention if he asks for it. So next time he does this, IGNORE HIM. Turn your back to him and don’t speak to him, don’t touch him or look him in the eyes. Once he has calmed down, you can call him over and give him some affection and attention. He should learn that you decide and that you give him attention on your terms, when it suits you. He will also learn that if he keeps calm he will get attention and if he gets exited and bother you, he will get none.

      For the walks it is sort of the same thing. If your dog gets exited when you are about to go on a walk, ignore him. Don’t even try to put the leash on until he has calmed down. That way he will learn that if he wants to go out then he has to stay calm.

      Try this out and you will see that it is going to help you. If you have any other questions or problems, just write to me again and I will do my best in helping you.

      I can also reccommend that you try out the Online Dog Trainer. You can try it for Free for 3 days by clicking on this link.

      I wish you the best of luck.

      Kindest regards,


  • Hey,

    Thanks for providing this review on the Online Dog Trainer, it’s a really good idea. I remember I used to watch similar programs about dog training on cable TV when I was bored and had nothing else on lol

    I now have a six month old German Shepherd (Arnie) I’m not having any problems so far; but would much rather get it right from the start and before any issues can come up. I’ll be checking out this product from Doggy Dan, thanks for sharing!

    • Hi, I am glad you liked the review. It is a good idea to check it out. Right now there is a free trial for three days, so you can sign up and try it out and if you don’t like it, it won’t cost you anything.

      Here is the link to Doggy Dans site.

      If you need any more info about Doggy Dans program or if there is anything else I can do for you, just drop me a line and I will do whatever I can to help you.


  • Many thanks to you for sharing such a wonderful article with us and I have several dogs in my house. They are very good friends. However, my dogs were poor and I trained them by watching training videos online .If there is a training video of a good trainer like Doggy Dan online, I don’t think there is any alternative .I have collected her online videos and trained my dogs and they are very loyal to me now .I love the idea of online dog training, and if trained properly, these dogs can be hunted very well. I’ve been able to do that and I’m so glad I did .

    Lastly, I hope others will also learn about this online Dog Trainer from your article and they will also train their dogs and share new experiences with you soon.

    • I am happy to hear that you have succeeded so well, training your dogs by methods you learned online. The great advantage with Doggy Dan’s program is that you don’t only get the instructional videos but you also get support (by email, in a forum or skype) if you run into any problems. Online Dog Training is a great method for people who do not have access or who can not afford a personal dog trainer.

      Thank you for your comments and input and I wish you the very best of luck with your dogs.

      All the best,


  • Thank you for taking the time to share your work with us. Now I have 3 dogs. I did not train them but they are very kind and obedient. I think one of the secrets is the great love we carry. For example, when they want love, we leave any dopart and do it at will. I admire your method of drawing. If it were in my power I would not admit any other method.

    • Dogs do need love and affection but it is not the only thing you need in order to train them properly. The amount of time and work you need to put into a dog’s training varies from breed to breed and even more from one individual to another. Doggy Dan’s method of training is one which is very mild and kind to the dogs and at the same time it requires the humans to be the packleader(s). It is based on a gentle leadership sort of like that of a parent and a child and thus built on trust and affection.

      Thank you for sharing your views on dog training.


  • I am so happy. I found your site since I have been searching for a good dog training stage for my little dog. I have been attempting to get him prepared and even had him joined up with a course, yet it didn’t appear to support a lot. Doggy Dan seems like an extraordinary alternative, particularly since I can drop whenever. Your article is really unique and informative. Thanks for sharing.

    • You are welcome. Doggy Dan’s course really is a great alternative. You can train your dog whenever it suits you, in your home and you can also get support if you need it. There is a 3 day Free trail so you can try it and if you find it useful you can continue for 37 dollars a month or you cancel and it won’t cost you anything. So go ahead and try it I am very confident that you will be happy with it.

      All the best,


  • Dogs are great companions and pets,but for them to obey you,they first of all need to know that you are the alpha person,the leader of the pack,and what you say must be obeyed, If you gain their love, as well as their respect they will also obey you out of love.

    Having training videos,is a great idea for training your dog,especially if they are made by a really good trainer like Doggy Dan,who can guide us in how to overcome the many problems which owners face.                                                                        

     The great thing is you can replay any part of the video over and over until you understand how to deal with the problem,and this at a much lower cost,than having a session with the trainer face to face.

    It shows the excellence of Doggy Dan’s training that the SPCA of New Zealand has endorsed his programs,that they are kind to dogs, and produce good results.

    How many owners struggle with disobedient dogs,not coming when called,aggression,potty training for pups,and can never get it right? 

    • This is very true, Doggy Dan’s training is making a big difference in many peoples (and dogs) lives and many more could be helped by his training. By learning how dogs think and function and some simple methods so that they will understand your commands you really can get a well balanced obedient dog. Practically every dog can be trained and every dog related problem can be solved, you just need some knowledge and patience.

  • From what I have read here I think I may want to try the online doh trainer course. I have a bunch of untrained dogs at home and i sometimes think of getting rid of them as they always mess around the yard. The oldest ones are 2 years old and I’m not sure if they can still be trained at that age or are they too old? Will try this course when I get down with my exams and see how the dollar trial works out for me.

    • You can certainly get your dogs trained, it is never too late to train them. Try out the Online Dog Trainer and I am sure you will succeed.

      If you have any further questions, just drop me a line I will be happy to help you.

      All the best,


  • Thanks for your honest review. The Online Dog Trainer is interesting to me because I’ve always wanted to be able to train my German Shepherd effectively but I don’t want to pay the steep cost of hiring a local trainer. I have read a lot of reviews, including the one on Pet Citadel, and the guy basically gives it two thumbs up. I’m hoping to see real results training my dog with this. I’m going to sign up for the trial right now, and I’ll try to remember to let you know how things go. Thanks again

    • Thank you Ryan. I am convinced the Online Dog Trainer will be of great help in training your German Shepherd.
      I wish you the best of luck and if I can be of any help just drop a line and I will do all I can to help you.

      Kindest Regards,


  • I totally agree that your dog needs to see you as its leader before it will follow your command.

    A very important aspect brought out in the ‘getting him to listen video’ is that dogs natural instinct is very different from human natural instinct.

    Looking at the list of problems covered I am quite sure the on-line training is worth it.

    I do not have a dog now, after the last one passed away. I will surely recommend it to my cousin.

    Great Website with Amazing insight into dog’s behavioral aspects with good pictures and videos.

    • Thank you. The Online Dog Trainer really is a very good program. It is really an education program for the owner, not the dog. As a dog owner you learn dog behavior and techniques that you then use to train your dog. It is both efficient and fast.


  • Wow what a great idea! I didn’t think such a thing existed. Sounds like it’s like a school to learn how to train your own dog. I am thinking of trying this for my own. How effective is this method? How quick is Doggy Dan in answering questions? Thank you!

    • Yes, it is really  a way of training yourself so that you can train your dog on your own. The method has proven to be very effective. In New Zealand, The Online Dog Trainer is recommended by the SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). They know that if a dog who is taken from an animal shelter is trained by Doggy Dan’s method, there is much less risk that the New owner will give up and bring it back again. This method is both simple and effective.

      Doggy Dan is usually really quick in answering questions and you could certainly expect an answer in a day and sometimes even quicker.

      I wish you could luck and if you have any other questions feel free to contact me anytime.


  • Hi Jojo,

    Great article!

    I was looking for a dog training, and that’s how I found your website. My dogs are quite big and are untenable when we go out for a walk. In fact, I don’t even want to bother with them anymore. My husband is stronger than me, and he also goes crazy sometimes.So we really need proper training. I will definitely try this out, but before I would like to know if this video covers problems with dogs trying to catch their tail? One of my dogs always run after his tail:)

    Thank you very much for this excellent post!

    • Doggy Dan’s training program covers absolutely everything and tail chasing is a common problem you will certainly find it there. Whatever problem you may have, you can always get in touch with Doggy Dan himself, he will certainly help you. Support is one of the really strong points of the Online Dog Trainer, you can always get support when you need it.

      Now for your dog chasing its tail, I suggest you take a look at this post.Why dogs chase their tails.

      I wish you the best of luck and if there is anything I can do to help you, feel free to get back to me any time and I will do what I can to help.

  • Good afternoon Jojo,

    Thank you for replying to my comment.
    Recently we had an awful experience with Frontline, Michael’s cat Shugar was nearly gone. I wrote about it and perhaps you care to take a look.

    Regards, Taetske

    • Hi there,
      thank you for telling me this. I will certainly take a look at what you wrote. I must say though that I used Frontline for my cat and never had any problems with it but of course it varies between individual animals.
      Regards, Jojo

  • Good afternoon.

    A great review of the Dog Trainer website.
    This website is very helpful as it answers all questions on the relationship between dog and human.
    I have had always dogs as living on an old farm there is enough place for them. I had to take care these dogs would go well with my many cats but during the more than 35 years I never had a problem there. Could well be that they saw me as the leader of the pack.
    What I especially like about the site are the many “real” videos. At the moment I have Cindy, my Rottweiler lady of 12 years old. I definitely will keep this information on hand for when I will have a puppy again.
    Thanks a lot.

    Regards, Taetske

    • You are right, a farm is really the ideal place to keep dogs, plenty of space to play and exercise. I think you must have a natural talent for raising dogs. 35 years of keeping dogs and cats without any problems, that is really impressive.


  • I am so glad I found your site because I have been looking for a good dog training platform for my pup. I have been trying to get him trained and even had him enrolled in a 6-week course, but it didn’t seem to help much. Doggy Dan sounds like a great option, especially since I can cancel at any time. I love how convenient it is so I never have to leave my home either.

    • Yes, it really is a good solution and it really works for the big majority of people. Doggy Dan has three day 1 dollar trial on his site so you can try it out before deciding if you want to enroll.

      I wish you luck and if I can be of any help feel free to contact me at any time.


  • This seems like a a great program for people who want to train their dogs at home. I think that gentle methods, like the ones Doggy Dan use, are far better than some of the harsher methods that I see out there.

    One issue that I always had with my dog was that he always pulled on the leash. To me, it seemed like he just couldn’t control himself because we never got him neutered (he did alright in the house and in the backyard).

    It would be great to see more solutions for this sort of issue. Thanks for all of the great info.

    • Hi there,

      It should not be difficult to stop your dog from pulling on the leash. Just take a look at my post: How to stop dog pulling on a leash it features a simple but effective technique that you can use. This is demonstrated in a video with Doggy Dan, the online dog trainer.

      There is one more thing you should take into consideration. Does your dog generally obey you? If he doesn’t it means that he does not consider you to be the packleader. Establishing yourself as the packleader is very important in order be able to train your effectively. Dogs follow their leader so once you have done this, training is not going to be difficult. Here is a post on how to be the packleader.

      I wish you good luck.


  • I can only say “wow”. Actually, it would never come to my mind to search for an online dog trainer… I had a Husky dog… it would have had been helpful back then. I was 16 when we got him. I had no knowledge about dogs. It’s a shame. I am well aware it’s because of the lack of knowledge we weren’t able to raise him and train him properly. He was so stubborn and didn’t want to listen to us. We weren’t able to create the bond we wanted. I know the fault was ours – not the dog’s

    • A lot of people are or have been in this situation, myself included. As you can see on my about me page, I adopted a German Shepherd many years ago. I did not no much about raising a dog either and the book I had bought about German Shepherds did not help much either. She was a lovely dog, kind and gentle, but not housetrained and she pulled everything apart when left alone and I did not have a clue on how to deal with it. Fortunately we found another home for this dog but it does show how important it is to be well prepared when you get a dog. There are many things to take into consideration many things you need to know.

      An online dog training program is a helpful tool and it is not expensive either, therefore I recommend it to everybody who is getting dog or who has behavior problems with their dog.

  • I totally agree with the training technique mentioned here. In this world, most people don’t treat pets with the same respect as treating a buddy. They either treat them like a sandbag, or some kind of slave. Treating them respect is definitely the right thing to do. I think a lot of people there are also a lot of people who wants to treat their dogs like a buddy, because they are meant to be loyal buddies. However, the tricky part is to be able to treat them with respect without being looks down upon by their own dog. This online training seems very thorough and helpful. It also doesn’t require hiring an actual person to come over, which cuts down on costs and time delay. You mentioned dog aggression before. Can you tell me an example of someone who’s dog underwent this miraculous transformation from aggressive dog to loyal buddy?

    • Dogs must be treated with respect and they must in return respect you. You are the leader of the pack and your dog must see you as the packleader. However, this does not mean that you have “boss” your dog around, not allowing it any freedom, it simply means that you are in control and that you take the decisions.  This is better both for you and for your dog. If you do not clearly show that you are the packleader then your dog will take that role. Dogs do this by instinct as a pack of dogs (or wolfes) must have leader. For the dog this will lead to a lot of stress as he/she will think that he/she needs to lead and to protect you at all times. If you are the leader, this responsibility will be lifted of its shoulders.

      I can give you a couple of videos where Doggy Dan shows how to make a dog being aggressive towards people really calm and inoffensive and another one where a dog who is aggressive towards other dogs, becomes really calm and easy to handle. If a dog gets aggressive towards its owner it is almost always because the dog is challenging the owner for the leadership of the pack.

      Here are the videos: Stop Dog Aggression Towards Other Dogs! andAgressive Dog Behavior Towards Other Dogs-How to stop it!

  • This is a very interesting concept. I was searching to see if there actually were maybe some youtube videos to help us out. We have a rescue dog and we are trying to figure out how to make her “ask” to go outside to go potty. This might be a great investment for us, as we are learning how to adjust to our dog. Does this work if you have an older dog? Thanks for your very thorough review.

    • Hi,

      yes it does work with an older dog. Practically all dog behavior problems can be solved and I am most certain that Doggy Dan’s training can help you out. There is always support available when you need it and if I can be of help just drop me a line and will do what I can to help you. You might also want to take a look at this post:How to potty train older dog



  • Just so happens that this week my son got his daughter her first puppy. Today, the puppy got his first shots and my granddaughter cried as she watched. I will pass on this site to my son and perhaps they can all learn more about puppy training.
    How early should you start training a puppy? Do you start with potty training? Lots of things to keep in mind and things to buy as well. Thanks for the site

    • Puppy training should start as soon as you get your puppy home. Age varies but the puppy should be at least 8 weeks old before it is separated from its mother. Potty training is one of the first things you start with. This is something which takes a bit of time and a lot of patience. Remember that a puppy is really a baby. Doggy Dan has special puppy training section on his site which is well worth to check out.

      I wish you the best of luck.


  • Sounds like an interesting concept. I never knew online dog training existed and I could have used it 4 years ago when I got my rescue dog. He was 1 year old when I got him and he was well behaved in every way except for his fear barking. He had a complete mistrust of people and he had learned that barking kept new people away from him and so developed fear barking as his coping strategy. I had to hire a professional trainer and he did solve the problem but I spent almost $2000.00 in the process!

    • I also could have used this program many years ago when I adopted one year old German Shepherd. A very kind but completely untrained dog and did not have a clue what to do.

      Online dog training works really well for the majority of dog owner and it is much cheaper than hiring a professional dog trainer. The other thing is that not everyone has good dog trainer living near by.

      Practically all problems could be solved with the help of an Online Dog Trainer. The strong point with Doggy Dan’s program is that he offers great support, so if you run into trouble he can help you out.

  • Doggy Dan!
    What a great website. I wish I had known about it when I first got my pup. Dog training is so very expensive and your site makes getting the real thing so affordable. Having your dog well trained is so essential to a happy home and I know your pet loves it as it gives them a sense of pride when they know they make their owner happy.
    Thanks for dedicating yourself to pups of the world!

    • Thank you for your input. I also wish I had this information many years when I adopted an almost adult German Shepherd. Dog training is not complicated but like everything else you have to know how to do it. Doggy Dan’s online dog trainer is an affordable alternative to hiring a personal dog trainer and you even if Doggy Dan is not with you in person, he is always available to help and answer your questions.



  • Hi Jojo,
    thanks for a great review of the online dog trainer! After reading that the training is soft and according to the SPCA I got convinced this is a great training program.

    I’ve always trained my dogs with positive reinforcement training and they have turn out to be amazing and obedient dogs. I focus on being a fun pack-leader and allow my dogs freedom. In that way they always want to please me.

    Also, if you’re a natural leader you will hardly ever face problems, but for some people this can take some training to figure out and then this online program is great. It gives dog owners the possibility to get support in training their dogs for a reasonable costs.

    Thanks again for making dog lovers aware of this opportunity so they can develop a fun, loving relationship with their babies!
    Best wishes,

    • Hi Stina and thank you for your input. Positive reinforcement is a great way to make your dogs obey you. Being a natural leader is great as well but there is more to it than that. As you will see inside the training of the Online Dog Trainer, there are certain things you do that will make your dogs see you as a leader. Simple things like leaving your house in front of your dog or eating before you feed your dog will show your dog that you are its leader. These things might mean nothing to us humans but they are important to a dog. There is also big differences between individual dogs and different breeds of dogs, so with certain you have to work a little harder but the principles remain the same.

      Doggy Dan can certainly help those who are struggling with their dog training.

  • Hi Jojo,

    Awesome article, I’ve found it fascinating!
    I own two huge dogs, I love them but to be honest, they get on my nerve sometimes. I don’t have any control over them when I go for a walk. They pull so much that it became almost impossible to walk with them. One of them has already bitten a friend of mine. I was so embarrassed that day. Anyway, it is evident that my dogs need a proper training:) I am going to try the 3 days trial, it will give me an idea of how it works and then I’ll decide:)
    Thank you for this excellent article!

    • Thank you for your comment. It is certainly possible to get your dogs to behave. It seems to me that they do not see you as their leader, therefore they pull the leash when walking and that is probably the reason why one of them bit your friend, it was to protect their pack/family. Once you have established yourself as their leader you will see that training and obedience will be easy.

      I wish you the best of luck and if there is anything I can do to help, do not hesitate to contact me.

      Kindest regards,


  • Hello there,

    Thank you for this, its an awesome idea. I do agree having a personal trainer would be difficult for some people with very busy schedules. I really like the idea that videos are there whenever and its cheap. There’s many dog lovers out there that are in need of help, so I’m sure you’ll be having many visitors.
    Thank you again for this information.


    • You are welcome. People often struggle when training their dogs and it often leads to lots of frustration. The fact is that dog training is simple and not complicated to learn, but like everything else you need to learn the right methods. With the videos it really is very clear and easy to learn and if anyone needs further assistance there is the Online Dog Trainer forum

  • What a great idea. As a dog lover myself, I love the way you have identified the problems here and are bringing videos to help other people solve them. It seems like you are helping many people here with your website so keep up the good work! All the problems listed are what i am currently struggling with my dog.

    • Thank you. More videos and articles are coming shortly. If you any have specific problem that you can not find a solution to, feel free to drop me a line and I will do my very best to find a solution. Doggy Dan can certainly help as well, his online dog training program is the best I have seen so far.

  • fascinating idea, as an owner of 2 dogs myself, recently i have been having some issues with getting additional time for extra training from a professional system.

    I don’t have time to go to actual academies in person, so having an online dog trainer that i can use anytime is perfect really.

    Doggy Dan sounds like he definitely knows his stuff about canine matters, as do you Jojo 🙂 keep up the great work!

    • Thank you! Yes, Doggy Dan is certainly one of the best in his business. The Online Dog Trainer has been around for about 6 years now and its popularity is growing all the time. This must mean he is doing something right. Doggy Dan’s strong point is that he is soo good at sharing his knowledge to his clients. It is one thing to know how to handle dogs but it is equally important to know how to share this information so that people can use it when training their dogs. Doggy Dan’s system is very easy to understand and implement. That is the most important advantage of the Online Dog Trainer with Doggy Dan.

  • Hi stilltrying
    I really am impressed with your site. This is a great way to find dog training that I can do at home. Dan the online dog trainer seems to have a solution for every problem. I have been thinking about getting some thunder shirts for my 2 dogs to keep them from going totally bonkers when it storms. Do you think these really work? Or would it be a waste of money? If I get a new puppy will be visiting your site again soon. Thanks for a very informative review!

    • Hi Robin,

      thank you, I am glad you like my site. Concerning your question about thundershirts I must say that I have no personal experience of them but I have done a little research and it does seem like it does help. I found an article about them that you might find interesting. Here is the link: Does the thundershirt really work?

      Other than that I am planning to write post on how to treat dogs who fear storms, thunder or fireworks. Look out for it, it should be up in a week or two.

      I wish you the best of luck and if there is anything I can do to help just leave a comment below or write to me.



  • This is an amazing idea. We have 2 dogs. A whippet and a lab-staffy cross. We love dogs and we have learnt a lot reading and watching Cesar Milan’s videos. We are also in NZ and didn’t know you were here. Fantastic…This could prove to be very useful for some of my friends who recently got a puppy. Are you based in Auckland?

    • Hi Santosh,

      I am actually living in Sweden, but Doggy Dan is from New Zealand and he is living in Auckland. I am sure that the Online Dog Trainer will be of great help to your friends.

  • Hi Jojo, thank you for a great article. I checked the video out and it looked good, so I subscribed.
    So far so good.
    Overwhelmed with information and regular updates coming in every few days, referring me back to whatever topic is relevant.
    I have a 60 day guarantee, so if it doesn’t come up to scratch I can claim money back. But so far so good. Information excellent and presented in a very professional way.
    Best wishes, Chris

    • Thank you very much. If you have any quesiions and If I can be of any help, feel free to contact me and I will do whatever I can .


  • great site 🙂
    I wonder if you can help me with something. MY labrador is a very sweet and friendly dog with everyone and he was totally socialized as a puppy but since he is about 2 years old he is very aggressive with all the other male dogs.
    Now he is 4 years old and I am wondering if there is something I can get him slowly close to other dogs and reward not working. Just is going crazy if he sees other males.
    Thanks if you can help me, I am very grateful:)

    • Hi Christina

      If your dog goes crazy when seing other male dogs it is probably because he sees them as rivals for his reproductive rights. Dogs have a lot of instincts, among others, defending their territory, their food, their tribe and also their the right to mate and reproduce.

      There are two ways you can handle this. You can either hire a dog trainer (or use the services of the Online Dog Trainer) to help you teach your dog proper behavior when meeting other dogs or you can have your dog neutered.

      A neutered (male or female) will become far less agressive and in your case it will certainly solve the problem. Doing this is not as dramatic as it seems and it is not cruel either. The dog won’t know what happened to him and he will still be a lovely, happy and playful companion.

      I wish you good luck and feel free to write to me if there is anything more I can help you with.


  • What a brilliant idea to have an online dog trainer. I could have used this information when my dog was still a pup.

    I could never take him for training as all the classes were held at times that I had to work. As a result he has never been socialised with other dogs and is not the best when it comes to walking on a leash.

    He is now three. Is it possible to still teach him.

    • Hi Michel,

      It is certainly possible to train your dog even if he is three years old. In some cases it is easier to train an older dog than a puppy.

      The online dog trainer can certainly help you with this and I would be happy to assist you as well.

      Good luck


  • I have a friend who has six dogs. He takes really good care of all of them. Sometimes I wonder a little about how he manages his time. I mean I can’t imagine him walking all six of his dogs all at once. Maybe that’s how he does it. Anyway, long story short. Recently he got a seventh dog. He has been having trouble getting the dog to respond to him. He asked me if I know anything. I don’t have any knowledge in this field. Quite lucky I stumbled into your place. He should visit here to learn to in’s and outs of being a dog trainer. Obviously the big mistake he is making is that the new dog doesn’t see him as a leader. Well let’s see if your recommendation can help him. Thanks for the information.

    • If he has already six dogs and is managing well then I am sure he is capable to handle a seventh dog. I think you are right, his new dog does not consider him to be a leader. Once he manage to get this dog to see him as the leader then I am sure he will not have any trouble to get the dog to respond. He is very welcome to contact me if there is anything I can do to help.

  • The Online Dog Trainer sounds great! I have looked at online programs in the past (well at the time they sent me a DVD but the idea of not being there with the trainer was the same!). I like that he is endorsed by the SPCA and promoted at their shelters because they are quite particular about who they endorse so he must be using very kind methods. The flexibility of the program is really appealing as well and it has so many videos that I’m sure there would be plenty of things my dog (border collie) and I could learn. Thanks for the detailed review – I think I’ll take a look at his website and give the 3 day trial a go.

    • I am sure you will be happy with the Online Dog Trainer. It is both for novice dog owners and there is more advanced training in it as well so both you and your dog could learn plenty there. Border Collies are energic dogs who love to work ( I am sure you know this) and it could be a lot of fun for both you and your dog.

      I wish you good luck.


  • I am a dog lover, always have been. When I was a youngster I owned Dalmations. Later, I owned 2 Miniature Schnauzers. The only training they got was to potty training. They learned to use the bathroom outside. I owned a home back then. Today, my wife and I live in an apartment. I think training dogs is a good idea.
    Thank you,
    Ed Mijarez

    • Yes training dogs are important. A properly trained dog will be much easier to live with. You will have far more control over it and it will listen to you.

      On top of this, dogs like to be trained. A training session can be a lot of fun for both the owner and the dog. Finally, some bigger dogs can become dangerous unless you can control them so therefore, training is very important.


  • I agree… Not every one is fortunate to have a personal dog trainer at their disposal. I love the idea of videos that I can watch at my leisure and then practice on my two little toy poodles who have a yapping barking problem. lol. It sound like Doggie Dan has a soft approach which I resonate with. Thanks for bringing this to my awareness. Great post. thank you.

    • You are welcome. The soft approach is important. You have to show your dog that you are the leader but without using physical force or violence. If you have problems with your poodles barking I suggest you take a look at my post how to stop dog barking. You can find the post here:

      Otherwise, Doggy Dan can certainly help you with your problem.

      Good luck and all the best


  • I have been trying to find a qualified dog trainer in my area and failed. I have a very active 2 year old hunting breed, who has developed an aggression towards people who fear dogs 🙁
    I was happy to stumble across your article about online dog training. I am still a little sceptic to give it a go, as I am not 100% convinced someone online can help, but for 1USD I will certainly give it a go. Thank you again!

    • You are welcome. I am confident that Doggy Dan can help you. The online dog trainer has already helped thousands of people. He will show you exactly what you need to do and if you have any problems you can just film your dog and upload it on the forum. He will watch it and tell you what you need to do next. Try it and let me know if you are happy with the results.

      Good luck!

  • Thank you for the best information, the online dog training is good as i read it in your article and at first i was wondering how and in which way may i train a dog through online? Thank you for the forum you provided so that i can ask any question and i am sure i will get the right information from the professor Doggy Dan.

    All the best

  • I have been very lucky with my dog as I established myself as the “pack leader” when he was young and it turns out it helps in many situations.
    My friend, although following the same idea, was not so lucky. She has a Weimaraner who suffers from severe separation anxiety. He pulls on the lead, he is over excited and has many issues.
    I suggested she take a look at your online dog trainer as maybe she can approach his problems from a different angle and so reduce his anxiety.
    Thank you!

    • If your friend’s dog suffers from separation anxiety and pulls on the lead then your friend has probably not established herself as the packleader. One very common reason of separation anxiety is that the dog sees itself as the packleader and thus responsible for the “pack” or family. When you leave your dog alone he/she can no longer see you and therefore not protect you. This creates the anxiety for the dog. When you are the packleader then your dog will leave it all to you and will be much more relaxed.

      The same thing goes for pulling on the lead. The dog sees itself as the leader during the walk and makes you follow. When you are well established as the packleader and has your dog trained to walk properly, she will walk calmly beside you without pulling.

      Doggy Dan can certainly help your friend with these issues so maybe you can ask her to take a look at this review.

      All the best


  • I would avoid using dominance oriented terms such as “pack leader” or “alpha”. There’s been scientific evidence that has proven the “leader” techniques are not effective and positive reinforcement training is the only truly effective training style. It appears that your intentions are towards positive reinforcement and to have a bond that is based off of love and trust, not force and being a leader, but I would emphasize that when you mention a term like “pack leader”.

    • Positive reinforcement is an effective way of training a dog. However dogs do follow a leader and establishing yourself as a packleader is an important part of raising a dog. However this leadership is not about being harsh or brutal. You can establish yourself as the packleader without physically dominating your dog. No need to yell or hit the dog, that is not going to work and it will only create fear. Establishing yourself as a packleader means that your dog is going to respect you and look to you for advice on how to act in any given situation.

      If you think of it, in your daily life you are the one making the decisions, not your dog. You decide when to go for walks, you have to control your dog if she wants to jump on strangers, chew your choose or anything else. The point is just to be a gentle leader that your dog loves and respects not a leader the dog fears.
      I hope this makes sense.

  • Wow! As a fur mom I think this is an amazing idea! Not only is it much more affordable, but training you dog yourself only strengthens your special bond. I love that if you get stuck or confused help is so accessible. What first inspired you to start this business?

    • What inspired me to start this business is that I had a bad experience trying to raise a dog myself. You can read this on my “About Me” page. I honestly did not know a lot and the book I bought about dog training did not help me a lot. So I thought before getting another dog I am going to find out a lot more. My problem back then was that a dog trainer was far away and it was difficult to combine it with work and other obligations. With the online dog trainer you can train your dog yourself, anywhere, anytime.

  • Wow! Your site is awesome! I will be bookmarking it for when I get my next dog because I forget a lot of the things that I had to initially research in order to train my current dogs.

    Two of my little dogs struggle with anxiety and poop a lot. I figured the two are related but they are very dependent on my bigger dog for support. One is so attached that she’s besides herself if the bigger one isn’t there.

    Do you have any tips that I can try to help them?


    • Thank you for your comments, I am happy you like my site.

      How old are your little dogs? Are they young puppies? When do they get anxious?. Is it when you leave the house or are there any other occasions when they get anxious as well? How long have you had them? Lots of questions but I am trying to figure out why your little dogs are soo anxious and soo dependent on the bigger dog.

      If you give me a little more info I will see what I can do to help you.

      One tip is to take two little dogs away from the big one for a little moment. Play with them, give them some little treats. This way they will associate being separated with something fun and positive. Anxiety is a problem which takes time to overcome. It requires a lot of patience. You need to gradually make the puppies gain confidence and to learn being alone.

      Good Luck and I hope to hear from you soon


  • I’m not a huge fan of home training for dogs by yourself, but that guy seems to be inspiring a lot of trust, that’s my opinion. So I think it would be a good idea to try this method, especially because it doesn’t have such a high price after all.
    Did you get all the results you wanted using this method? I’m really curious to see someone’s opinion 🙂

    • Doggy Dan’s “Online Dog Trainer” has been around for over five years and its popularity is growing all the time. The refund rate of this program is very low soo most people are really happy with it.

      The thing is that you always need to train your dog yourself. Even with a personal dog trainer he or she will to show you how to do and then you will have to do the same thing yourself. Nobody can train your dog for you, Your dog needs to see YOU as its leader and follow you. A dog trainer can only show you how to do it. The Online Dog Trainer is good for people who do not have the funds to hire a personal dog trainer or who might not have a good dog trainer living near by.

      I do not own a dog at this moment (due to my work, I spend several days a week away from home) so I can not give you any personal results, though I have not heard of anybody who has not been satisfied with this product..

      If you would like testimonials you will find plenty on this page:

      This is from Doggy Dan’s own site but I have no reason to doubt that they are real and honest.


  • I’ve had 2 dogs in my life time and both of them where quite unruly. The first was a golden retriever and the second of a big basset hound. I never had the money to pay for professional training, but I loved those dogs and wish I did. I will be checking out this site in the near future.

    • Yes, persoonal dog trainers can get really expensive and not all of will be able to solve your problems. With the online dog trainer, you will get the knowledge and support to solve the problem yourself.

      Good Luck.


  • I remember finding this site a couple months ago when I was looking for dog training help. How happy I am to find it again. I don’t have the money for a trainer. My dog and I went through a 6 week training session at Petsmart, which was helpful, but my dog is fairly hard headed and young and needs more in depth training like what’s offered here.

    I love how it’s split into sections like it is because I have very specific issues with my dog Willie that I need to address, and this makes it easy to find. Doggy Dan is awesome! Such a natural and relaxed trainer that really helps. And it’s great to see a trainer forum to exchange ideas with others since training is such an individualized experience. Thanks so much!

    • Yes, you can find everything you need at the Online Dog Trainer site. If by any chance you think that something is missing you just contact Doggy Dan via the Forum and he will help you out. I am also here if you have any questions or doubts about anything.

      Good Luck with your training and thank you for your comments.

  • Great article and topic you have shared today, many people have training problems with their puppies and dogs.

    This is an awesome program, online dog trainer. This should bet lots of attention, so many dog owners who are frustrated trying to train their dogs.

    I will share this website with my friends and family, my area is big on dog owners

    • Thank you,

      yes please share it with as many people as possible. This program has already helped thousands of people so it is proven to be effective and easy to use.

  • What a great idea. For some people it is not easy to hire someone or go to a dog school as it may not be nearby. The Internet is accessible anywhere so it is quite cool that this is available to people. I like how Doggy Dan WILL help you. I do feel though that may longer than 3 days trial would be better.

    • Yes, it really is a great idea. And also when training a dog, with a dog trainer in person or with the help of an online program like this, the dogowner him/herself needs to be engaged. You can not just hand your dog to another person, let him/her train the dog and then expect the dog to act the same way when it is with you. You need to show your dog that you are the packleader and then your dog will follow you.

  • My first thought was, how can an online dog trainer help me? I have a rescue dog that I am having a hard time training, mostly with potty training. But then he was in a garage with 150 other dogs for over a year. Hard habit for the poor little guy to break, yet so so lovable and sweet. I have to say, this training looks awesome. And as you say I can do it when I have time to focus on it. I am going to check into this further.

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