Which dog breed is right for me?


Choosing the dog breed that is right for you is an important first step to take once you have decided to get a dog. All dogs need time, care and walks but their needs, size and character vary a lot and in order to make your daily life with your dog smooth and happy then you should take some time to answer the question: Which dog breed is right for me?

First of all.
Where do you live and what kind of space do you have available? Do you live in a big house with a garden or in a small apartment in the city? Some dogs are not well suited to living in an apartment whereas others will handle this really well. Generally speaking, smaller or midsize dogs are better suited to apartment living but there are some bigger dogs that will be fine in an apartment as long as they get regular walks and enough exercise.

Your lifestyle
also plays a big role in what dog breed you should get. On are an active sporty person then an active playful dog would fit better with your lifestyle than a dog who can not handle too much exercise. On the other hand you are not very physically active then choose a dog who is happy with a couple of shorter walks every day.
Do you need a dog for a specific purpose or is your dog only for company? Some dogs are bred to work and can be trained to do a variety of things.

Most of them will be good family dogs as well but if you need a dog for hunting, guarding or for disability assistance then you should choose a dog suited for this. For example, a German Shepherd or a Doberman both make great family dogs and they are also good guard dogs.

A Labrador or a Golden Retriever will also be great family dogs but their kind and friendly nature makes them hopeless as guard dogs. They are both however good hunting dogs for retrieving game and also great for disability assistance (blind or hearing dog) or for search and rescue work. So different dogs are bred for different purposes and this should be taken into consideration if your dog should be more than a pet.

What is your prior experience with dogs?
Are you a first time dog owner or have you already had a dog or experience with dogs from work or from friends or relatives? Certain dogs are easier to train than others and will be good choices for an inexperienced dog owner. There are on the other hand dogs who might be easy to train for someone experienced but more difficult for an inexperienced dog owner. Some breed of dogs are more stubborn and dominant than others and these might be better to avoid when getting a dog for the first time.

What is your personality like?
Which breed of dog is right for me?Now this might seem like a strange question but it really does make a difference on what dog that would suit you. On have a strong personality, self-confidence and have a dominant side then you are better suited to handle certain breeds of dogs, who might be strong, dominant and stubborn.

That being said, dog training should be gentle (absolutely no hitting or shouting) but a certain firmness and self-confidence will be needed in order to handle certain breeds of dogs. On are a kind and gentle person or you simply would like a dog which is a little easier to handle then you should choose a breed of dog with a character that is more or less like your own.

What is your budget?
All dogs cost money, food, visits to the veterinarian, insurance all cost money but some dogs will be more expensive to keep than others. Some breed of dogs suffer from various health problems which often results in numerous visits to the veterinarian.

This is expensive and you might need to take an insurance in order to cover unexpected medical costs. Puppies of certain breeds might be very expensive whereas dogs from an animal shelter might be cheap. Then there is also the question of size. High quality dog food can be expensive and big dogs do eat a lot so the size of the breed you choose should also be taken into consideration.

Conclusion and more information

Soo, before choosing your breed of dog you might want to consider going through this list so that you get an idea of what sort of dog would suit you best. Once you have done this, you can check if any of the dogs you fancy would be a good choice. Search the internet and read about the different dogs that interest you, then get in touch with owners and/or breeders of those dogs and see what they have to say. Take your time, and keep an open mind. There might be a dog breed you have never considered that make an excellent pet for you. Try to learn as much as you can, it is not only interesting but it will also be very useful when choosing your dog.

There is one site I can recommend and that is dogtime.com. It is a site where you can find information about almost all breeds of dogs and they also have a “dog selector” where you will answer a bunch of questions about yourself, lifestyle and home and then it will suggest a few dogs that might be a good match for you. This is fun and will at least give you an idea of what would be a good choice of dog for you.

Finally, if you any questions or need any assistance from me, just drop me a line below and I will do all I can in order to help you.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I wish you the best of luck in finding that wonderful companion.


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  • My family ended up going with a golden retriever after we thought through all these questions.

    We are so glad with the result too!! Pippin is such a wonderful addition to our family and we can’t imagine life without him. Whenever we take him out in public so many just faun over him, and he always draws kids for endless petting.

    He definitely barks at any nearby strangers, but I don’t know that he would attack if anyone broke in. Probably just bark… but who knows??

    As always, the potty training period took consistent effort to get through, but any dog will need that.

    Pippin is about 65 pounds now, and we like that size.

    Thanks for these great questions that must be thought of if you’re going to make a wise decision about a new beloved pet in your home!

    • A Golden Retriever would propably defend you if you were attacked but attacking a burglar? No I don’t think soo, he would welcome the burglar happily with a wagging tail. I have a friend who use to have a Golden Retriever and he said that if somebody broke in Ajax (the name of his Golden Retriever) would show the burglar where all the valuables are instead of stopping him.

      This kind and gentle character is one of the reasons why the Golden Retriever is such a great family dog.  If I would get a dog myself then I would gladly get a Golden Retriever as I think it is a perfect match for me and my family.

      All the best.


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